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Communications with SainSmart 4-channel 12 V USB Relay Board Module Controller For Automation Roboti
  • I've written a short python program to communicate with this board. It works great on Win7x64 but not at all on Debian Squeeze or CentOS 5. They both recognize the device and mount it as /dev/ttyUSB0 but nothing happens when I write to this port. It seems that both of these kernels should support the FT245RL chip. Any suggestions?
  • The "manuals" you link to are just some windows specific utilities and datasheets for the FTDI chip.
  • What does the USB 8 Relay manager program do when you press "Open Relay Board"?

    After inserting the USB cable, I can only control the relay board with my program if I've first started the relay manager, pressed the "Open Relay Board" button, and closed the relay manager.

    Is there an initialization sequence?
  • an answer to this question would be great.
    I have too one of these boards and have had no success communicating with it from Linux. An example would be best.
  • Any solutions for Linux based?
  • Any options for using these relay boards from the command line in Linux? Something like this would be great where the appropriate commands are stored in a file named relay1on

    cat relay1on > /dev/ttyUSB0

    Some sort of reply from SainSmart would be appreciated here. I've tried using the contact form (with no reply) and I tried calling the whole sale phone number and somebody answered that didn't sound like they could tell their ass from a hole in the ground. Any chance someone from SainSmart gives a crap?

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