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SainSmart LCD 20 x 4 Display IIC

edited December 2014 in Code Issues
Power on -- only thing on display (regardless of any signals sent) is ROW 1 & 3 ALL on, ROW 2 & 4 all display off.

I2C appears to be ack commands (doesn't time out)

Please verify 8 bit address ( its 0x27 - seven bit) and 0x4E (8 bit addressing, with lsb = 0 for I2C write) (Regardless display doesn't change..)

I wrote my own I2C driver as I am using a ST32F0308-Discovery board. Have configured and used I2C interface for 4 character 7 Seg LED display. Used same library for this build, (changed address and Init routines of course).

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.




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