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Hey SainSmart fans. Busy week here at our office, we just recently completed moving warehouses which turned up all sorts of fun items in the process. Not least of which was a box of Rubik's cubes. Could we sell them? Sure. Could we solve them? Maybe. What we are going to do instead though is give them away to you, our loyal supporters. Here is what you need to do:

1. Display a message on your SainSmart LCD. In classic programming style, we use the phrase “hello world”. You can easily find the program in Arduino IDE Examples > LiquidCrystal library, or download it from;

2. Take a picture or video then upload it to any SainSmart social media @SainSmart ( Facebook, Youtube, Vine, Instagram and so on);

3. We’re collecting responses all next week (from the time this post goes live until 9 a.m. MT on Sunday, August 31th). We’ll send the poster a free Rubik’s cube for participating! Good luck!




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