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Jinsoku Z3 5W Galvo Laser Machine, Foldable, Auto Focus, APP Control

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High Speed Quality Engraving Equipped with a 5W laser tube module, the Z3 is capable of delivering 600mm/s engraving efficiency with an accuracy of up to 0.05mm. Add finishing touches to your projects in no time.  Some engravings can be completed in as little as 10 seconds.


Unique Bevel Engraving Don’t limit your imagination to horizontal or vertical surfaces. The Z3's metal body has a rotatable design which lets you engrave any bevel within 180° by rotating the laser module. With its autofocus feature, you can mark your logo on almost any uneven surface.


Entry Level With an innovative folding and compact design, you can take the Z3 with ease from place to place. It is a versatile and affordable machine that delivers great results without the frustration of a long learning curve


Engrave Beyond the Tabletop Working with an object that is too large for your tabletop? Not a problem, Just remove the hollow base and you can place the Z3 directly on  top of your desired object. You can accurately mark virtually any object.


Auto Lifting and Focus Reduce the chance for poor engravings With the Z3, your laser will never be out of focus. Simply press the autofocus button, and Z3 will lift to the ideal height automatically and mark your pattern accurately, and in sharp detail.


Smart and Foldable

Jinsoku Z3 is a smart and foldable laser engraver & cutter that has powerful features for DIY starters. The smart operation system and structure allow you to enjoy an easy and powerful engraving experience and get started in seconds using Jinsoku Z3.

Create with fewer limits

The Jinsoku Z3 is compatible with Bluetooth and USB connection and supports a wide range of input file formats. So you can transfer your designs easily between the device and a computer or smartphone smoothly and conveniently.

Wide Application

The Galvo Laser supports many engravable Materials like cardboard, plywood, non-transparent plastic, cloth, leather, stone, glass, stainless steel, and metal with oxidized spray paint.
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Jinsoku Z3

Jinsoku Z4
Material High Strength Anodized Aluminum High Strength Anodized Aluminum
Laser Focus Automatic Focusing Automatic Focusing
Laser Head 450nm Blue Laser 450nm Blue Laser
Laser Power 5W 5W
Connecting Inter faces Bluetooth 5.0 Dual Mode Adapter, Type-C Port for PC
User Manual
Bluetooth 5.0 Dual Mode Adapter, Type-C Port for PC
User Manual
Operating Systems Mobile: Android & iOS.
Desktop: Windows & MacOS
Mobile: Android & iOS.
Desktop: Windows & MacOS
Power Supply 12V/5A, Portable Charger 12V/5A, Portable Charger
Power Consumption 0.89A(Standby) 2.2A(Engraving) 0.89A(Standby) 2.2A(Engraving)
Cooling Forced Air Cooling Forced Air Cooling
Laser Service Time >10000H >10000H
Engraving Area 8cm×8cm (3.14"×3.14") 5cm×5cm (1.97"×1.97")
Engraving Accuracy 0.05mm 0.05mm
Engraving Speed 600mm/s (1417"/min) 600mm/s (1417"/min)
Engravable Materials Paper, Wood, Bamboo, Cloth, Acrylic, Plastic, Leather, Bread, Fruit, Glass, Ceramic Paper, Wood, Bamboo, Cloth, Acrylic, Plastic, Leather, Bread, Fruit, Glass, Ceramic
Cuttable Materials Paper, Wood, Bamboo, Leather Paper, Wood, Bamboo, Leather
Support OS Windows/IOS/MAC/Android Windows/IOS/MAC/Android
Laser Unit Size 21×13×22cm (8.27"×5.12"×8.66") 11.4×7.6×15.3cm (4.49"×2.99"×6.02")
Package Size 35*25*14cm (13.78"×9.84"×5.51") 37.5×22×16.5cm (14.76"×8.66"×6.5")
Machine Weight 1.9KG 0.68KG