Brand: SainSmart

SainSmart Aluminum MK8 Extruder Drive Feeder

SKU: 101-91F-103 Variants ID: 39485603446863

  • It gives more tension to the extruder and allows for a better filament guiding, prevents the filament from getting stuck, making sure a smooth flex filament printing process and improve the overall printing performance.
  • Provides greater stability and durability over your stock 3D Printer.
  • Perfect replacement for Creality 3D Printers, such as Ender 3 (Pro), Ender 5, CR-10 Mini, CR-10S, and CR-10 Plus etc.
  • Filament Compatibility: 1.75 mm Filament
  • Made of quality aluminum & Easy to install.
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The stock extruder for most entry-level 3D Printers are made from plastic and come with a soft brass gear, which degrades fast, resulting in poor print quality. This Aluminum Extruder Kit from SainSmart helps feeding materials at a steady rate and consistent temperature, boosting print accuracy and minimizing feeding issues.

What's in the package

1 x SainSmart Aluminum MK8 Extruder Kit (Assembly Needed)