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Creality Ender-3 MAX 3D Printer

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Go Big without breaking your budget

With a build volume measuring 300mm * 300mm * 340mm, the new Creality Ender-3 MAX allows you to print large projects in one go.

Larger but easier to build

The Ender-3 MAX comes large, and with the pre-assembled gantry and base, it is the largest and easiest to build model of the Ender family so far.

Enhanced Extruder

The upgraded all-metal extruder on the Ender-3 MAX is more rigid and less susceptible to wear and tear, enabling smooth extrusion and longevity.

Dual Fan Cooling

Better heat dissipation reduces the chances of filament blockage and improves the overall printing precision.

TMC 2208 Silent Driver

The Ender-3 MAX has TMC 2208 Silent Drivers in both X-axis and Y-axis, which brings down the annoying printing noise, suitable for home and school use.

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Under the Hood:

  • 32-bit Board: Better data processing capacity, fewer firmware issues, and more room for upgrades.
  • MeanWell Power Supply: Thinner, quieter but all-around better unit delivers more stable performance.
  • TMC2208 Silent Drive: Brings down the noise level, suitable for home and school use.
  • Built-in Filament Run-out Sensor & Resume printing support: Resume your print job right where it left off no matter it is a power outage or filament run-out.
  • Compatible Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol, Polylactic Acid, Thermoplastic Polyurethane, Metal

Large Build Volume & Easy Setup

Every 3d printer user would like to print large once or twice, the Ender-3 MAX, with a 300mm * 300mm * 340mm build size, is exactly what you need to turn it into reality.
The Ender-3 MAX only takes you 15 minutes to get it all setup. To make things easier, you can also upgrade the printer with a BLTouch sensor to free you from levelling the bed repeatedly.
All-Metal Extruder
With better heat resistance and wear resistance, the all-metal extruder allows the Ender-3 MAX to produce smooth prints across a wide range of material.
Dual Fan Cooling
Poor filament cooling brings filament blockage and blobs in your 3d prints. With two filament cooling fans to address this issue, this Ender-3 Max makes it easier for you to print with fine details.
Carborundum Coated Glass Bed
Better first layer adhesion when you need it, and easier to remove prints when cooled.
High Performance Brass Nozzle
Heat resistance nozzle to deliver better results.
Large Bed Leveling Nuts
Level the bed with ease and precision.
Foldable Filament Holder
Keep your 3D Printing space organized.

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Donald V.
United States United States
Just what I needed!

I purchased this printer as an extra so that I can create bigger items. It's like the best of both worlds between the Ender 3 Pro and CR 10. It's basically six screws ot put it together, four for the gantry and two for the LCD Screen. Overall, very easy to put together in a very short amount of time. My first print was the Benchy and it turned out great! I was really amazed and excited to see what else it can do. Since I purchased it to create bigger prints, I designed and made a flower pot for the wife which measures 12 1/2" high and 9 1/2" in diameter. It turned out great with no blobs, stringing or missed layers. So here are my pros and cons: Pros: 1. Easy to assemble 2. Side Spool holder ( nice and close to the extruder) 3. Filament run out sensor 4. Stabilized Z screw 5. Dual fans on the printer head 6: Textured glass plate (everything sticks to it. No glue or hairspray needed) 7: Holes for a BL Touch installation Cons: 1. Old style screen 2.No dedicated port for a printer cable. 3. No LED lights in the printer head (I'm just spoiled from my BIQU B1} 4. A little bit louder than my BIQU B1 printer I cannot end without saying this. The reason I purchased this from SainSmart is because of their excellent Support. That is very important to me and they Took care of an issue I had with my fans in my BIQU B1. Yes, I could have purchased this from Creality for the same sale print, but after my experience with SainSmart's Tech support I felt more comfortable purchasing from them as I have never dealt with Creality. I do recommend this printer and purchase it from SainSmart, you can't go wrong! Creality Ender-3 MAX 3D Printer Creality Ender-3 MAX 3D Printer Creality Ender-3 MAX 3D Printer Review
Kevin R.
United States United States
Great product!

Took a couple of tries but after a few misprints, I have it running wonderfully. Had temps wrong (I was running PLA at 210 and bed 70 when it should have been 200 and 60) and bed not level. Printed a ton of rewards for my students. Wonderful product.

United States
Very rewarding printer with a lot of potential... long as you anticipate and enjoy creative troubleshooting (with a healthy dose of collaboration) *Updated Review* I purchased this item anticipating the need for a lot of troubleshooting (and therefore a lot of patience) and a fairly challenging learning curve. Purchase this knowing this isn't directly from Comgrow, but rather a Comgrow brand item from a third party vendor. If there are problems, do not contact Comgrow directly; instead, contact the seller via Amazon. They do assist with troubleshooting over e-mail. The attractive thing about this specific printer was the base printable size. I don't think I will be printing anything that large... but I wanted to keep my options open (having three geeky sons, I anticipate eventually printing bigger things). A larger print bed size probably makes it much more critical to level the printer well prior to printing. The nice thing about the officially released Ender-3 Max is the fact that Creality DID listen to input from early reviewers of the beta product and added certain things that were recommended-- ie a silent motherboard, tempered glass bed, high-quality springs, large ergonomic levelling knobs, and (axis) limit stops. Additionally, it comes mostly preassembled (and preassembled well: things are tightened and put into place properly), most likely to safely ship this massive beast of an Ender 3 in as compact as a box as they could possibly squeeze it into. One should be warned that there was a faulty batch that was sent to this seller, so it was no fault of the seller him- or herself. The Max does not have an adjustable Z-stop: instead, you have to screw them into predetermined holes... and on an unfortunate batch of the Ender 3 Max printers, these holes were predrilled too high on the vertical beam. The seller was able to come up with a working solution that was gleaned off of the earlier incarnations of the Ender 3. I'm sure this issue has been resolved by now... but if you find yourself having bed levelling issues where the springs are loosened to the point that they are completely decompressed and you no longer have anymore space to loosen them because your knob has reached the bottom of the screws... contact the seller, as they know what the solution is. When printing with the included filament, some of the filament was either tangled or broken in pieces, and the filament sensor didn't detect it... so the printer kept on trying to print without any filament coming out. The first superficial "fix" was getting a nicer spool of filament... but I keep on fearing that one day, a piece might break, and the printer won't sense that it is missing filament. For the price, the size, the nice components, the mostly preassembled product, and the assistance (as well as the foreknowledge that it would take quite a bit of time and troubleshooting to learn how to use this printer well), I'd give this printer a 4.5 stars, but rounded up to a 5 due to how committed the seller was to making this product work. This is a pretty nice printer to work with as a first printer, especially if you have a bit of technical inclination and like figuring things out.

Amazon C.
United States
Z end stop needs to be lower to level out the bed.

So I got this to make a few gifts for family and when I got it all set up I was glad to see it all working well till I could not level the bed. The Z end stop switch is mounted to high. If it has just been a touch lower I could get a good print off. To bad it is ******* into the frame and not on say a t nut that can be adjusted up or down. I would like to know what sizes I will need to at this in so I can get a test print off. Update: I still have the printer and it is working wonderfully after I used two t nuts and two M3 screws to move it down. I went looking online for and fixes others has with the ender 3 max and menu has the same complaints and listed what they used to fix it. The issue is from Creality factories, they tapped the holes that the z end stop get screws into to high. I sent them a message in regards to this issue and have not heard back yet. I now have wonderful prints going.

Luis D.
United States
Amazing 3D printer, beginner friendly!

I absolutely love it! The quality is better than expected and the print size is HUGE! As my first 3D printer I love it! It's mostly assembled so it's only a few screws. If you know what you're doing 15 minutes to build. As my first 3D printer it took my 45 minutes to make sure I did it correctly. Love it. Once I get the hang of it I'll eventually try for larger prints.