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Water Washable Durable Resin, 1L, Gray, Red, Blue, and Green

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Water Washable: The MOR Water Washable Resin makes resin curing easy and straightforward, simple rinsing and soaking can help you get the excessive resin cleaned up
Optimized for Monochrome LCD 3D Resin Printers: With particular optimization for monochrome screen, The MOR resin allows you to print fast with excellent  finishing quality and level of details.

Non-brittle All-arounder: The MOR resin is specifically designed to have a little bit of flex, so that they can withstand bumps or drops, making it a versatile resin for different applications of printing.

Low Odor: As a carefully formulated resin with quality material, odor of the MOR resin is barely noticeable, which gives you a more comfortable printing experience.

Designed, Mixed, and Bottled in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

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1 Liter
MOR Resins | SainSmart
Practical MSLA Resins
US Made Resins that are non-brittle, waterwashable,
and plays well on both Mono and RGB screens.

All Purpose, Non-Brittle, USA Made mSLA Resin.

The new power adapter has been redesigned, with CE, FCC & PSE certifications, that ensure complete protection for you and your machines. The built-in smart integrated circuit design keeps the power adapter going against overheat on the unit and charging stably.


Water washable resins allow you to cut harsh and expensive solvents like isopropyl alcohol or other chemicals out of the clean up process. MOR Water Washable resins can be cleaned with as little as a bucket of water and a brush, but are also compatible with other popular resin cleaning solutions like ultrasonic cleaners and wash and cure stations.


The worst feeling in the world just might be seeing that amazing print that you spend hours waiting to print and cure only for it to snap and shatter the first time you look at it the wrong way. Resins should not be so brittle that they break during support removal or with moderate handling. MOR resins are formulated to have a little bit of flex so that they can survive being bumped or dropped.


Optimized for Monochrome LCD Printers but will still perform well for standard RGB mSLA printers. See the full list of recommended print settings here. Average mono screen cure time for 50um layers height is 2.3 seconds, average cure time for 30um layer height is 1.2 seconds) Specific exposure times will vary depending on your printer.


The smell of the resin printer should not be the first thing you notice when you enter your workshop, MOR resins are formulated to reduce odors so that even the most sensitive noses have a hard time detecting that there is a resin printer in the room.

What's in the box: 1* MOR Water Washable Resin, 1L


Water washable for easy clean up

Cut the harsh and smelly chemicals like Alcohol or Ethanol out of your cleaning process and instead use easier to obtain water or other mild cleaning agents to clear uncured resins off your fresh prints. Our resin prints works well with all the popular cleaning systems including Wash and Cure machines, Ultrasonic Cleaners, even scrubbing prints by hand with a soft brush.

High details perfect for intricate prints

Specifically formulated to capture all the details your resolution mSLA resin printer can display. Whether its intricate scales on a miniature monster or threads on a prototype meachine part. MOR resins can keep up with your printer with high detail and accuracy.

Non-Brittle with the right amount of flex

We set out to create a better water washable resin that won't break easily when you are removing supports or if you look at it wrong. You can expect your thinner prints to be able to have a little bit of flex without being too bendy .

Exposure Setting

  Layer Height Base Layers Base Exposure Time Layer Exposure Time Lift Height Lift Speed mm/m Retract Speed mm/m Ambient Temperature at time of testing
Anycubic Mono SE
0.05mm 6 23 2.7 5 75 150 71 F
Anycubic Mono
0.05mm 6 25 2.75 6 75 150 69 F
Anycubic Photon OG
0.05mm 6 65 15 6 75 150 69 F
Creality LD-002H
0.05mm 6 20 2.2 6 75 150 69 F
Elegoo Mars
0.05mm 6 60 15 6 75 150 69 F
Phrozen Shuffle XL
0.05mm 6 75 15 6 75 150 69 F
Wanhao D7
0.05mm 6 65 15 6 75 150 69 F
Sainsmart KL-9
0.05mm 6 70 17 6 75 150 69 F
Phrozen Sonic Mini
0.05mm 6 29 3.8 5 75 150 72 F
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Balmung F.
United States United States
Awesome Resin

I've been playing with this stuff for about a month now, and I am really enjoying it. It's so much better quality that most resins of this price range, ontop of being much more durable. The only resins I've personally used that are higher quality for small detail pieces, are $100 per kg, and it's not twice as good. I'm switching off all 4 of the different resins I used to use, to just using ministry of resin, I'm doing some test later that are to do a full comparison stress test of the same mini in a number of resins I have, to really see how it holds up to extremes. So far I've had no issues with shipping it either, while thats partly on the carrier, in small sample size of 20 shipments, other resins have 1-2 broken pieces on minis, versus no issues so far in 20 shipments on ministry of resin's water washable. One of the bigger points is my room mates were not very fond of the smells of the other resins, which I have filtration system set up to deal with that, but this resin does not bother them at all, which is a HUGE plus for me, and probably many other folks. I've attached pics a few of my recent prints for some basic idea, but these are still rough settings, while dialing it in. I think I can get even better quality out of this resin. It just keeps giving. Water Washable Durable Resin, 1L, Gray Water Washable Durable Resin, 1L, Gray Water Washable Durable Resin, 1L, Gray Review
Aaron J.
United States United States
Great Water Washable Resin

I really enjoyed using this resin. The resin overall is tough and low odor. I've used it for a range of things from minis to beatsaber handles so far and have been very happy with the results. I've attached some of the photos below. I had the translucent red version of this resin. The translucency makes it hard to see details in photos so I attached a couple after a quick base coat to show the details. Overall the resin is tougher and less brittle than any other water washable resin I've tried and cleaning is easy. Water Washable Durable Resin, 1L, Gray Water Washable Durable Resin, 1L, Gray Water Washable Durable Resin, 1L, Gray Water Washable Durable Resin, 1L, Gray Review