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Genmitsu CNC Blue-Violet Light Fixed Focus Laser Module Kit, For 3018-PROVer, LE5040

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Application: The laser module is ideal for engraving, cutting, scribing, and drilling. Desired patterns can be made easily on the wood or plastic by this unit. This module is only compatible with 3018-MX3/3018-PROVer, but not compatible with 1810-PRO/3018/3018-PRO.

Fixed Focus: The fixed focus distance is 20mm. Compared with the adjustable focus laser module, the light spot of the fixed focus laser module is smaller. At the same power, the fixed focus laser module can cut 3mm linden wood in one pass, not possible with current adjustable laser modules.

Longer Service Life: The fixed focus laser module can work at full power for 8 hours without any light decay. The service life can be up to 10,000 hours.

Excellent Heat Dissipation: Equipped with a large aluminum heatsink and cooling fan, this can help the heat dissipate fast and ensure the laser module works continuously.

Industrial Grade Design: It is designed for industrial laser engraving machine, it adopts an intelligent feedback control circuit, external ACC constant current driving Mode. Featuring reliability, high stability, high efficiency, low noise, and excellent laser beam quality.

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Special Design for Genmitsu 3018-PROVer
& 3018-MX3 & LE5040

If you are an experienced CNC engraving enthusiast looking for an upgrade, you can add the laser module kit to the Genmitsu CNC machines (3018-PROVer & 3018-MX3). With this module, it can absolutely give you different ways to unleash your creativity.


Able to engrave wood, paper, plastic, leather, and more, the SainSmart 455nm blue laser module kit will let you personalize your DIY projects. You can use it to add features like curved words, exquisite patterns, and logo picture marking.
Support GRBL & Mach3 Control

You can control this module via Mach3 and GRBL, it depends on the machine which you purchased. Lasergrbl for 3018-PROVer, Mach3 for 3018-MX3. 

⁉️  Note: 
- This blue laser module is designed for SainSmart Genmitsu CNC Router 3018-MX3/3018-PROVer/LE5040. 
- Please wear laser goggles during usage, avoid touching the laser directly to the eyes and skin. 
- In order to avoid unexpected accidents, please stay with the machine while the laser module is working.


Heatsink Material  Aluminum
Output Power  5.5W
Wavelength  455nm ±5nm blue laser
Voltage  12V
Current  2A
Beam Shape  Dot (fixed focus)
Service Life  10,000 hours
Size  90mm x 33mm x 33mm
Working Temperature  -40~75℃
Applied Materials

 MDF/ Balsa/ Paper / Wood/ Fabric/ Plastic/ Leather/ 

 Plywood/ Foam Paper/ Anodized Aluminum


1 x SainSmart Fixed Focus Blue Laser Module Kit
1 x Red Goggles
1 x Power Supply
1 x CD (Click to download)

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Mike K.
Canada Canada
Substantial update!

Much easier to focus. Very tight beam! I can run it at much lower power at higher speeds. Cut project time by 2/3. Very impressed.

United States United States
Blue violet fixed focus

I actually got this with the prover xl. It took a minute to figure it out but not too complicated. The members of the FB page were of great help in getting me going. Thank you Everyone for the support! Genmitsu CNC Blue-Violet Light Fixed focus laser module kit, for 3018-PROVer, LE5040 Review
Eugene K.
United States United States

Works very well was able to focus down to a pin point

Nick B.
United States United States
Amazing customer service

Ryan from customer service made my issue a pleasant experience and solved my issues with ease. Thanks to the great support of the Sainsmart staff I am back up and running.

James D.
United States United States
Good laser, but setup confusing

It took me a couple of hours to figure out how to set up and run my first job. The software is not intuitive and the instructions were not very clear. Also, the power supply connection to the laser is not great, so I had to push hard to make sure the connection was good. A bad connection kept the laser from working, but I didn’t get any feedback as to what the problem was. Through trial and error, I figured out the connection issue and his the software worked and ran my first job. I was etching a design on to a black ash board and was surprised by the amount of smoke it produced. I’m guessing that is normal, but it surprised me. In the end, the laser job was precise and fairly quick. I was impressed with the final result. Genmitsu CNC Blue-Violet Light Fixed focus laser module kit, for 3018-PROVer, LE5040 Review
Steve N.
United States United States
Great inexpensive laser

Mounted this laser to my CNC4N machine, works very well and is a fraction of the cost of other comparable lasers, works great. Genmitsu CNC Blue-Violet Light Fixed focus laser module kit, for 3018-PROVer, LE5040 Review
Timothy P.
United States United States
Powerful, has some design and possibly quality flaws

I have a 3018PROver with the extension kit. This laser was very easy to install, and the laser is vgery powerful, but I did have some issues - 1) the incoming power line socket on the supplied power "brick" (transformer) is poorly made. The connection is so loose that on my first kit, the laser wouldn't turn on and it took me ages to figure out you needed to hold the brick at just the right angle to make the power flow. The connection is "better" on my second power brick (more on that later), but not much - Sainsmart need to kick their supplier's butt for poor QC 2) The design is flawed as follows - the cables supplied will only allow for a very close placement of the laser control module to the 3018 machine's control board - the left side of the laser board needs to be very close to the right side of the machine control board because of this and also the fact the laser module itself has very short cables. The problem is some brainiac designed the laser control module to have the power input on that same left hand edge as the location for the takeoff to the main machine control board (the black and white cables in the photo). If you place the laser module far enough away from the machine control board to conveniently put the laser power input in and out (which has a large moulded plug that gets in the way) you will stress the connection from the laser module to the laser control board when it moves to full travel left and right - the connection then will fall off the laser board and you are dead in the water. If Sainsmart specified to their manufacturer to add 50mm to the cable which goes from the laser control module to the main board and the same from the laser module, all these problems would go away. 3) the instructions for use as supplied conflict with the instructions Sainsmart will send you when you are frustrated beyond belief and things aren't working right (tip - follow the Sainsmart instructions) My first unit, between wonky power supply, erroneous instructions, and short cables gave me so much grief {and eventually broke) that Hiong in Sainsmart customer service sent me a whole new kit. I rate the unit 3 stars for all the problems, and add one becuase Hong was very helpful. If Sainsmart fixed these issues, I'd give the unit 5 stars - it is very powerful (even a 3% power "frame" of your project can leave a burn mark!) and every thing you need is in the kit - just be careful of the issues I have cited. Genmitsu CNC Blue-Violet Light Fixed focus laser module kit, for 3018-PROVer, LE5040 Genmitsu CNC Blue-Violet Light Fixed focus laser module kit, for 3018-PROVer, LE5040 Genmitsu CNC Blue-Violet Light Fixed focus laser module kit, for 3018-PROVer, LE5040 Genmitsu CNC Blue-Violet Light Fixed focus laser module kit, for 3018-PROVer, LE5040 Review
Rob C.
Canada Canada
great service

got the laser going and it was working great. highly recommended for a beginner especially due to the fixed focus. i ha a problem with it stopping once in a while in the middle of a engraving project and contacted them and they helped me out and sent me a replacement part right away. will but more from them Genmitsu CNC Blue-Violet Light Fixed focus laser module kit, for 3018-PROVer, LE5040 Review
Walt N.
United States United States
Excellent laser that can work with 3018 (non-PRO), too

I wanted this laser due to its fixed-focus lens and finer, rounder spot. After writing Sain Smart twice and receiving no reply, I decided to gamble and ordered it anyway. The accompanying instructions (quite good, by the way) included a fairly detailed description of the various inputs, including the two-pin PWM connector. I was concerned that the 3018's power brick might not have enough capacity (tho it does power the original 5.5W laser), but since it has its own power brick, I was only concerned about the compatibility of the PWM interface. I put my oscilloscope on the PWN pin from the controller and discovered that it emits a 12VDC pulse string which is exactly what the new laser wants...good to go! I clipped off the three-pin connector that the original laser uses as well as one end of the two-pin connector cable included with the new laser. It was a matter of five minutes to connect the black and white wires from each cable together, solder them and shrink a bit of heat-shrink tubing over each. The red wire on the original cable (+12VDC) was taped off to protect it from shorting to ground. Praying to the gods that the magic smoke wouldn't escape from either the laser or the controller, I powered both up and told Lightburn to trigger a 25% burst...success! After a couple of days of engraving, I can say that the laser does, indeed work with the 3018, and it works extremely well. Very crisp lines and very powerful. Focus is dead easy using the nice steel cylinder which quickly allows positioning the Z axis to the required 20mm above the work surface. I highly recommend the laser kit.

United States United States
5.5.Watt Blue Solid State Laser...

Very easy to install. The laser makes very detailed engravings, if set up correctly