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ToolPAC PRO32 Smart Soldering Tool Set with Power Supply

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Rapid Warmup: With the help of dual temperature sensors, the internal heating element reaches its operating temperature extremely fast—just 12 seconds! The tip temperature can be set between 212° F and 752° F (100° C to 400° C) using the adjustment buttons and OLED display.

New Power Supply Design: The Pro32 features an integrated DC5525 12-24V connection. Its anti-static design isolates the temperature sensors from extraneous surges.

Tough & Portable: The sleek, slim design is comprised of an SAE 304 stainless steel core, housed inside a polycarbonate shell with an easy-to-read OLED display.

Smart & Safe: The integrated STM32 processor chip automatically regulates the Pro32’s “sleep mode”, “standby”, and “operating mode”, ensuring the safety of the user.

Space-saving: It is small and lightweight, so it will not occupy much space on your workbench. You can easily carry it around in your pocket to perform some soldering jobs on the field.

Soldering iron tips are easy to assemble or disassemble, and replaceable for PR-BC2.

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Pro32 Soldering Iron | SainSmart

Pro32 Soldering Iron | SainSmart

External Power Supply

The Pro32 features an integrated DC5525 12-24V connection, the DC5525 power port is compatible with DC 12–24 V laptop AC adapter/power bank/car power.
Pro32 Soldering Iron | SainSmart

Various Modes

The integrated STM32 processor chip automatically regulates the Pro32’s “sleep mode”, “standby”, and “operating mode”, ensuring the safety of the user.
Pro32 Soldering Iron | SainSmart

Easy-to-read OLED Display

The kit comes with better heat dissipation efficiency with the high-quality SAE 304 stainless steel core, also, the features of this product are simply remarkable as it comes with LED digital display.
Pro32 Soldering Iron | SainSmart

Heat Up Quicklye

The Pro32 has adjustable temperature control soldering irons from 100° C to 400° C, if you are in soldering various objects, it is a mandatory toolkit for you.



The Pro32 is a staple tool for the hobbyist, tinkerer, or electrical engineer. Featuring a sleek body, complete with temperature adjustment buttons and an OLED display, the Pro32 feels good in the hand and offers a wide temperature range for operation. Its internal heating element warms up to operating temperature in just 12 seconds!

As an industry leader since 2010, SainSmart offers a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty on all parts, so you can rest assured that your purchase is protected.

  • Operating Voltage: 12V to 24V
  • Power: 17W to 65W
  • Screen: OLED
  • USB Port: Micro USB
  • Power Port: DC5525
  • Temperature stability: ±2%.
  • Soldering tip resistance to ground: < 2Ω.
  • Temperature range: 212°F to 752°F (100°C to 400°C)
  • Control part: length: 96mm, diameter: 16.5mm.
  • Heating part: length: 72+33mm, diameter: 5.5mm.
  • Compliant with EU certification: CE FCC.
Original Replacement Solder Tip for Pro 32 Digital LCD Soldering Iron: 
Specifications Total length Weight
PR-B2 105mm 10.5g
PR-BC2 106mm 10.5g


  • 1 x Pro32 Digital LCD Soldering Iron
  • 1 x PR-B2 & PR-BC2 Solder Tip
  • 1 x Allen Key (for replace the tips and heating element)
  • 1 x 19V/2.1A 100-240V Power Supply (AC/DC Power adaptor)
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Love this little thing

This little soldering iron is great. Ive been using a butane soldering iron for years and I think this is better, even if you are attached to a cord. It heats up in under 30 sec and cools down just as quick. Its programmable to an extent via its files, which I havent dug too much into.

Undeniably one of the best and most compact soldering irons.

In my short time owning this iron here are some tips, observations, and my experience overall. I was introduced to this soldering iron through BangGood. I am very glad Ive found it here on Amazon. The first thing youll notice is the great quality box. Sainsmart has done a great job packaging this. While opening the box the iron is placed neatly on top with rigid foam. Shortly after receiving this I installed a custom open source firmware. This added multiple convenient features to an already amazing iron. The included power supply works flawlessly with it and warms it up very quick. Ive read reviews saying the power supply is flawed. Perhaps I got lucky or Sainsmart fixed the problem. You will not realize how small this thing is until you hold it. The fact that this is a fully featured soldering station in about the size of a pen is mind blowing. I find holding the iron very comfortable, similar to a pen. Comparing this to a soldering station is almost comical. See pictures. Because of the small size of this iron it will not work with standard soldering iron stands. A stand can easily be made with pliers, wire cutters, a coat hanger, wood, and a drill. See pictures. Overall everything Ive said in this review has been said many times before. This soldering iron has earned its hype. This thing is pretty great.

Wow, I'm stunned.

This thing is amazing. I've been solding since I was a kid. I've tried more than a dozen cheap solding irons, and I've never been happy with a single one. Lately as I finally make decent money I've been eye balling a good solding iron. I was about to buy the Hako, when I saw this one on a you tube video. I only clicked the link because it said open source and I was instreiged. I'm so glad I did. This thing weights close to nothing, reaches full temp in seconds, and tins with zero effort. I soldered some stuff on my 3d printer and I have never had anything that soldered that smoothly, easily and quickly. If I had spent almost twice as much on the Hako and it worked this good I'd have been completely satisfied with it. But to pay this little and be this happy. Just wow. I haven't even played with the firmware yet. I had to up date. I noticed there was a newer official firmware, so I had to update. And the update process was amazing. It's like the gold standard of firmware updating. So you have to do is hold down the first bottom while you plug the USB in. It turns on in update mode, mounts a drive on the computer. You drag the firmware over to the drive. Then it immediately renamed the file. And that's it your done. I'm pretty sure I could update it with a phone a chrome book, or just about anything.

Just what I need for my bench

Use a Weller at work - this is what I use at home - I wish my work would pick some of these up!

Five Stars

Best soldering iron I have used, very easy and safe to use.

Everyday and goto in the field soldering iron!

This is the best iron to use in my humble opinion. It heats up super fast, can use both adapter, as well as lipo batteries. If you're someone who is innvolved in a hobby like quadcopter racing, then this piece of equipment is going to be your best friend if you need to swap parts on the go. I highly reccomend the ts100. I paid for the product, this is my legit review. It's worth it. Space saver, capable of tinning large gauge wires with ease.

Field soldering for drone racing !!!

Been wanting this thing forever but finally made the purchase. Put and XT60 connector at one end and is now my field soldering iron. Takes less than 11 seconds to get it to 300c. Easy to program and feels good in the hand.

Great little solder iron

The soldering iron itself is great. It heats very quick with the included Power Supply, but as other noted the cord is extremly short. Guess that SainSmart assumed that everyone would be using this soldering iron with a workbench where you have the power strip on the back... that's how the set up was in my old job. I'll be looking for an adapter that has higher voltage output with a much longer cord.

Very impressive tool!

The problem was I saw the USB port and the initial product listings I saw for these irons made it sound like they could be powered off USB so I assumed they were a joke. Turns out the USB port is just there for configuration and upgrading firmware. Power is provided through the 2.5mm connector and with the included 19v supply this thing has blown me away. My main soldering station is a Hakko 936 clone that I've had for over 10 years and quite enjoy using. But I suspect it's going to start gathering dust now as I'll be turning to this little guy for most tasks. It's not perfect. Lets just get that out of the way. The ergonomics aren't great. The shape of it just doesn't feel as good in my hand and there's nothing to keep your hand from slipping forwards into the "hot zone". Thankfully the metal end closest to the plastic stays cool so even if you do slip you've got an inch or so to go before burning yourself. Even so I'm thinking about making a 3D printed grip to slide over the body just to make it a bit more comfortable to work with. Also, as almost every other review has noted the cord on the included 18v supply is a bit short. Thankfully I have extension cords near my bench and in the field I'll be running it off a lipo and can make the cord for that as long as I want. But it's a negative worth noting. I've only had mine a few hours so I can't say anything about longevity of the power supply at this time. As for soldering performance. I opted for the PR-BC2 tip as I tend to prefer a chisel over a conical. It's not quite the chisel shape I'd prefer and I'd like to see more tip options, but it's workable. I gave it a try on some XT60 connectors and it was able to heat the 14AWG wires faster than my 936 clone and it held it's temperature better while pumping heat into the connection. Next I tried a few small 22 and 18 awg connections and it worked spectacularly. I tried it on a few through hole components and again the performance was wonderful. I haven't tried any SMT's yet but it seems like it would still be doable if not a bit more difficult than with the slightly smaller chisel tip I'm used to. I may pick up the PR-B2 tip to try for those. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that Sain Smart included the required allen key (and two spare screws) for installing/removing the heater/tip. It would be nice if the tip could be changed without tools since with the heater/tip removed it's VERY compact and easy to travel with. There is also alternative firmware under development here: [...] flashing between that and the stock firmware was quick and easy - though I didn't really find the features of the alternative worth it at this time. I'm really looking forward to working with this iron more. It's not perfect, but the negatives don't seem major enough to justify four stars as overall it's exceeded my expectations.

Amazing technology and design

Amazing technology and design! I use it as a portable solder gun with my MAXOAK K2 on the 20V output. I can solder for hours!