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3020-PRO MAX CNC Router Machine for Metal Carving and More

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PROVerXL 4030V2

Enhanced design and increased Z Height of 72mm with the Genmitsu 3020-PRO MAX. The all-metal spindle holder and 300W spindle makes metal carving easier, ideal for an endless variety of drilling, and carving operations on various metals

Powerful CNC

  • 300W Spindle, Compatible with 52mm dust shoe
  • 72mm Height Aluminum Z-Axis
  • 4040 V-Slot Extrusion Profile
  • Engraving Area: 300X200X72(mm),11.8x 7.9x2.8 (in)

High Strength

With the all-aluminum body, high rigidity spindle holder and new linear guide structure, the 3020-PRO MAX can easily mill on a wider range of materials with high precision, the increased speed would not compromise the carve.

Redesigned Control Board

Still based on open-source Grbl v1.1, the redesigned control board provides more operational capability and extensibility for the 3020-PRO MAX CNC machine. It integrates the interface for offline controller, XYZ axis limit switches, emergency stop switches, Z-probe and more. Also, it supports the laser engraving (Need to order the laser module separately).

Integrated Scale Aluminum Platform

One-piece machined and molded aluminum design ensures flatness and strength of the platform. Integrated scale design is convenient for material positioning. The platform compatible with most of the CNC clamps on the market.


Technical Specifications

Resource Page Click to learn software guide, user manual, and assembly guide.

  3020-PRO MAX 3020-PRO MAX V2
Effective Working Range 300 x 200 x 72mm 300 x 205 x 78mm
Power Supply Need to place separately Install on the backplate of the X-axis
X axis Structure Dual steel X axis guide rails Dual steel X-axis guide rail with an enclosed mold material and added X-axis back plate
Upgrade to bigger spindle mount X Easy upgrade to 65mm or 69mm
Limit Switches X-, Y-, Z- (total 3 pieces) X+, X-, Y+, Y-, Z+, Z- (total 6 pieces)
Driver Chip A4988, 8 bits TB67S109, 32 bits
MPG Port X
Air Assistance Pump Port X
Z-Probe Normal Z-Probe Photoelectric Z-probe with indicator
Offline Controller included Upgraded Version
Control Board Pre Assembled X
Emergency-Stop Pre Assembled X
Limit Switches Pre Assembled X
Cable Management Pre Assembled X Pre assembled with drag chain