Genmitsu Diamond Dresser Pen

Brand: SainSmart SKU: 101-60-DMB-01 SKU: 101-60-DMB-01 Variants ID: 32335306817615

Raw Material

Made of diamond and high-speed steel, with good abrasion resistance and high strength. 1/8" Shank, 2" Overall Length.

High Performance

With preferred quality, repeatable dressing performance, the Genmitsu Diamond dresser pen helps you work effectively.

Suitable for Grinding Wheel 46-60#

The handheld diamond dresser is suitable for dressing all types of grinding wheels of all types, such as brown corundum, silicon carbide, white corundum and many others.


Perfect for truing and dressing of abrasive grinding wheels, trimming and polishing products, removing burrs, or carving the decorative pattern of ceramic.

Additional Functions

The Genmitsu diamond dresser pen is compatible with CNC machines for drilling, trimming, and carving. Compatible with Genmitsu 3018 series CNC machines.


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The Genmitsu diamond dresser pen is a new type of grinding wheel tool which can be used for truing and dressing of abrasive grinding wheels. The method of truing and dressing of grinding wheels has a large impact on the performance of the grinding wheel, work-finish, and size. 

  • Shank Diameter: 3mm
  • Overall Length: 50mm

  • 1 x Genmitsu Diamond Dresser Pen