Brand: SainSmart

Genmitsu 4pcs ER11-A Collet Clamping Nut

SKU: 101-63-CN04-01 Variants ID: 32806130384975

  • Conveniently keep multiple collets ready to go. Changing collets on the fly can be difficult, having a few spare for different size collets makes tool changes easy.
  • Package List: 2 x ER11-A Alloy Steel collet clamping nuts; 2 x ER11-A Hardened Steel collet clamping nuts.
  • Model: ER11-A; Material: Alloy Steel/ Hardened Steel. Precision ground and hardened. Suitable for ER type tool handle, toolbar, extension bar nut holding drill bit, boring cutter and other tools.
  • All nuts have dynamic balance holes, which can prevent wear and noise.
  • High precision, high concentricity, extend the service life of the spindle and reduce the rate of bit breakage.
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ER11-A Alloy Steel/ ER11-A Hardened Steel

Hole Diameter: 7mm(0.27")

Outer Diameter: 18mm(0.70")

Height: 13mm(0.51")


Package List:

2 x ER11-A Alloy Steel Collet Nuts

2 x ER11-A Hardened Steel Collet Nuts