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Temperature Sensitive TPU Flexible Filament 95A 1.75mm, 1kg, Heat Discoloration, High speed printing

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Changed by 28℃ Low Temp.: when the temperature is higher than 28℃, it turns golden yellow automatically. The model will be more gorgeous.

Flexible & SoftTPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) is a subclass of thermoplastics which prints strong parts that are also flexible

Durable & Sturdy: Elongation at break ≥800%. It is much higher than other materials, high impact resistance, good flexibility, good tear resistance, wear resistance, and cut resistance, and low long-term compression set.

Strong UV Resistance: Good oil resistance, low temperature resistance and aging resistance. It is suitable for various outdoor scenes.

Easy to print: Compatible with most FDM 3D printers with Direct Extruder and Broden Extruder feeding. Better performance for short-range feeding.


Shore hardness 95A

It has certain flexibility and softness, high hardness, and good resilience. It is suitable for insole, mobile phone cases, and other applications.

High-Speed Printing

High-speed printing can save time and is suitable for high-flow, ultra-high liquidity applications. 

Wide Application

The changing color can indicate the object’s temperature, which can be used in a cup holder, toy, shoe industry, or wearable device.

Easy to Print

Compatible with most FDM printers with Direct Extruder and Broden Extruder feeding. Like Rase3D, Prusa, Voron, and Creality.





Melt Flow Index

1.2 (190℃/2.16kg)


1.21 g/cm³


35 MPa



Set up


Recommended Printing Temp.


Bottom Plate




Printing Speed


  1. It is recommended to dry before printing, (55°C/>4H) to achieve the best It is recommended to use a short-range double-wheel deceleration extruder for flexible design. Generally, eTPU-95A material is difficult to print on a remote extruder.
  2. The remote extruder can try to print at a slower speed. 20mm/s or slower is recommended.
  3. The nozzles may have impurities remaining after a long printing time. It is recommended to use them in conjunction with the cleaning lines. If necessary, new nozzles and throats can be replaced.


Package List:

1x Temperature Sensitive TPU Flexible Filament 95A 1.75mm, 1kg