Genmitsu Laser Rotary Roller

Brand: SainSmart SKU: 101-63-LRR SKU: 101-63-LRR Variants ID: 32804704452687

The Genmitsu Laser Rotary Roller is easy to set up requiring the proper software. The kit is plug and play and can be used to engrave cylindrical objects like pens and cups.

Width Adjustment: 5 Roller Positions. Each gear is 15mm. The adjustable range is 30-90mm wide.

Motor: NEMA17 34mm Stepper Motor.

Supported Dimensions: Cylinder diameter 22-125mm, length 20-220mm (material length/material diameter should be over 1.0).

Compatible Laser Engravers: Genmitsu and most other kinds of Desktop Laser Engravers where you can adjust the Z height or reposition the base to accommodate the rollers required clearance.


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Material: Aluminum
Motor: NEMA17 34mm Stepper Motor
Pulse parameter setting: 84PULSE/mm
Maximum load: 5 kg
Phase current: 1.3A
External dimensions: 270 mm * 145 mm * 65 mm
Package List:
1 x Genmitsu Laser Rotary Roller Engraving Module