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Tack Cloth Set, Anti-Static Unfold Size 18'' x 36''
Brand: SainSmart SKU: 101-93W-TC06-YL

Tack Cloth Set, Anti-Static Unfold Size 18'' x 36''

SKU: 101-93W-TC06-YL Variants ID: 41899981832271
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6 Pcs
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  • Superior Dust Removal: Made from premium-grade adhesive cloth, it effortlessly captures and eliminates dirt, lint, dust, sawdust, contaminants, surface defect particles, and sanding residue with a simple scrunch and wipe motion. Perfectly designed for sanding, woodworking, painting, automotive work, and more.
  • Quality and Value Combined: Quality and Value: Made with pure 100% cotton, ensuring a residue-free surface without any wax or silicone. This set of 12 cost-effective choice combines professional-grade quality with versatility, making it also suitable for automotive maintenance, woodworking, and removing dust from metals, furniture, and car surfaces.
  • Convenient Pack and Size: Each tack cloth comes individually packaged and unfolds to a size of 18" x 36", providing ample coverage for efficient dust removal. The yellow color allows for easy visibility of collected dust, ensuring you achieve the best results every time.
  • Anti-Static and Sticky Cleaning: This Tack Cloth Set features anti-static properties, preventing the attraction of more dust particles during use. Its superior adhesion makes it stick to surfaces effectively, allowing for quick and effortless dusting, ensuring a professional finish.
  • Effective Usage Tips: Achieve optimal results with the SainSmart Tack Cloth by applying light pressure, using smooth wiping motions, focusing on targeted cleaning areas, and properly storing unused cloths. These tips ensure efficient dust removal, a clean finish, and maximize the effectiveness and lifespan of the tack cloth.

SainSmart Tack Cloth Set

Introducing SainSmart Tack Cloth Set

A professional-grade adhesive cleaning cloth perfect for sanding, woodworking, painting, and automotive work. This pack of 6 premium cotton tack cloths efficiently remove dust and particles from surfaces without leaving any residue. Each individually packaged cloth unfolds to 18" x 36", providing ample coverage. With anti-static properties and superior adhesion, these blue tack cloths effortlessly clean metals, furniture, and car surfaces, ensuring a professional finish every time. Upgrade your cleaning arsenal with the compact and versatile SainSmart Tack Cloth set.

SainSmart Tack Cloth Set


You have the flexibility to use the SainSmart Tack Cloth in various ways: unfold it to its full size of 18”x36” for larger surfaces, or easily cut it into several pieces to suit smaller areas or specific project requirements. This versatility ensures that you can efficiently clean surfaces of any size or shape with ease and minimal waste.
SainSmart Tack Cloth Set

Excellent Adhesion

Tips for best results: apply gentle pressure without pressing too hard, use smooth strokes to evenly distribute the adhesive, avoid reusing the cloth to prevent transferring dust back onto surfaces, focus on targeted areas rather than going over the entire surface repeatedly.
SainSmart Tack Cloth Set

Wide applications

Suitable for various industries and tasks such as woodworking, automotive work, painting, and more. Its versatility allows you to use it across different projects, saving you the hassle of purchasing multiple specialized cleaning products. This makes the tack cloth a cost-effective solution, providing excellent value for your money while delivering professional-level results.


Color Yellow
Cloth Size 914 x 457mm (18" x 36")
Application Fast Dust Remove for Woodworking, Sanding, Painters, Surface Cleans, Automotive, Sticky Cleaning Tack Tags Wax and Silicone Free

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  • 1x Tack Cloth Set (6Pcs or 12Pcs)