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Micsig AC Current Probe, ACP1000

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Premium materials and exquisite workmanship make this product durable.


ACP1000 can work with digital multimeter, scopes and graphing meters, which is ideal for all high current applications.

Easy to Use

Clamp and ergonomic design allow operating easily with one hand, with functions of one-touch zero adjustment and low battery indication.

Precise Measurement

Allows test current range from 0.1A to 1000A, there is no need to disconnect the circuit-under-test, ensuring accurate screen displays.


This is really a useful tool for testing and charging systems, with features of auto-ranging and data-hold, also compatible with most of the lab scopes and graphing multimeter.



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Micsig ACP1000 AC current Probe is designed for professionals and experts like you. Ideal for measuring distorted current waveforms and harmonics,
expanding the measurement range to 1000 A while providing the ultimate measurement flexibility. Great tool for all around electrical troubleshooting and accurate measurement.

  • Test Current Range: 0.1A-1000A
  • Operating Frequency: 10Hz-100kHz
  • Maximum Primary Current: 2000A(2s)
  • Output Signal: mV/A
  • Highest Precision: 1%
  • Operating Temperature: 5-167℉(-15to 75℃)
  • Safety Class: CAT III 600V
  • Maximum Conductor size: 2.05 inches(52mm)
  • Dimensions: 3 x 8.5 x 1.7 inches(111 x 216 x 45mm)
  • Output Cable: 1.5m BNC insulated coaxial output cable can connect directly to an oscilloscope, and can be used with the multimeter with optional BNC/Banana adapter
  • 1x Current Oscilloscope Probe Kit