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Micsig High Voltage Differential Probe, DP20003

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Upgraded Version of DP10013

Micsig DP20003 is the upgraded Version of DP10013 and more powerful. Maximum Differential Test Voltage( DC + Peak AC) up to 5600V(DP10013: 1300V). Switchable attenuation: 200X, 2000X(DP10013: 50X, 500X)

Cost Effective

While Tektronix counterparts, such as P5200A P5205A P5210A, starts at $1,500, Micsig DP20003 offers the same specifications at a reasonable low price.


With portable and simple design, you can take the DP20003 to work anywhere with the small package box. Power supply USB DC 5V output, more portable while oscilloscope has USB interface.


Designed for the measurement of high voltage differential signal, switching power supply design, motor drive design, electronic ballast design, CRT display design, power converter design and service, power device evaluation.

Precise Signal

With stable physical properties and high quality plug-in cards, you will get an accurate signal. But please note that a calibration is needed when a substantial change in temperature or other circumstances affect the accuracy of the probe's zero point. You can short the input terminals of the probe, then power the probe while simultaneously pressing the 200X and 2000X keys for 3 seconds.




Micsig DP20003 High Voltage Differential Probe is designed for professionals and experts like you to be used with most oscilloscopes in the market.
It allows you to safely measure floating voltages up to 5600V and has a bandwidth up to 100 MHz.
DP20003 can work in two different attenuation ranges: 2000X for a maximum test voltage of 5600V and 200X for a maximum test voltage of 560V.

  • Bandwidths up to 100MHz
  • Maximum Differential Test Voltage(DC + Peak AC) up to 1300V(DP10013), 5600V(DP20003)
  • Switchable attenuation: DP10013(50X, 500X); DP20003(200X, 2000X) 
  • Accuracy: ±2%
  • Max differential test voltage (DC+AC PK-PK): 560V (200X); 5600V (2000X) - Max input common mode voltage: 1000V CATIII
  • CMRR: >80dB (DC); >60dB (100KHz); >50dB (1MHz)
  • Input impedance: 50MΩ/1.25pF (differential); 25MΩ/2.5pF (Single-ended to ground)
  • Output voltage: ≤3V
  • Overload alarm: Button light flashes
  • Power supply: DC 5V, USB supply
  • Power: 0.85 W
  • Input cable length: 23.6 in (60 cm)
  • Operating humidity: 10–85%RH
  • Storage humidity: 5–90% RH

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