Brand: SainSmart SKU: 101-65-MASK-HA

Reusable Respirator Mask Gas Protection, Full Face, Half Face

SKU: 101-65-MASK-HA Variants ID: 41139845333071
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Half Face
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When it comes to protecting yourself from harmful airborne particles, chemicals, and fumes, both full and half-face gas masks offer valuable protection. But which one is right for you depends on the specific risks you face in your work or environment.


Full Cover Mask

Repeatable & Washable

This mask is designed for longevity. It’s washable and reusable, providing a cost-effective solution for respiratory protection.

Note: The poison filter box and filter cotton should be replaced immediately after they expire, and washing these components is prohibited.


Feather-Light Comfort:

With a weight of just 420g, our mask ensures a burden-free usage experience, even during extended wear.


Detail-Oriented Design

Our product is the result of meticulous optimization based on numerous user experiences, ensuring a high-quality respirator mask that meets diverse needs.



Half Cover Mask

Customizable Filter Options: 

Customizable Filter Options: Equipped with 2097 filter wool and activated carbon filter layer, this mask is compatible with various filters, allowing you to tailor your protection based on your specific usage scenario. Easily replaceable filters ensure continuous safety.


Prioritize Health: 

Protect yourself from harmful dust particles while working or enjoying activities like CNC, woodworking, or resin 3D printing. With this mask, prioritize your health and well-being in any environment.


Detail-Oriented Design: 

Engineered with meticulous attention to detail, this respirator mask offers a comfortable fit, reliable protection, and ease of use. Every aspect of its design is geared towards ensuring optimal safety and comfort for you.



Feature Full-Face Gas Mask Half-Face Gas Mask
Coverage Area Entire face Mouth and nose
Protection Level Higher Lower
Filter Efficiency >99.97% Varies depending on filters
Filter Compatibility Universal Specific models may have limited compatibility
Comfort & Fit Adjustable, comfortable silicone Adjustable, comfortable silicone
Visibility Large, anti-fog lens Standard lens
Ideal for High-risk environments, unknown/toxic chemicals, infectious particles Low- to medium-risk environments, known/low-toxicity chemicals, dust, irritants