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Rapid UV 405nm 3D Printing Resin 500ml

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  • Rapid UV curing ensures the strength of printing parts and lowers the shrinkage rate. This resin provides you both high toughness and hardness prints.
  • The general-purpose resin is compatible with most LCD printers on the market that use 405nm wavelength light. Including EPAX X1, Anycubic Photon, Photon2, WanHao D7, and other LCD printers.
  • SainSmart Resin is easy to detach after forming. Low viscosity makes it simple to clean your 3D printer.
  • Its performance is stable under room temperature condition and safe to store. Also, with little odor, buy with confidence.
  • Great for making functional parts that have high precision and clear details. For better printing quality, we recommend using the LCD light.
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High Precision & Low Shrinkage

Featured with the high precision and low shrinkage of this resin, not only the product print size is stable, but also the surface texture of the model is smooth and delicate, and it can present clear three-dimensional details.


Fast Curing & Low Odor

Fast curing with LCD light, so SainSmart Resin is easy to detach after forming. as much as possible to improve the printing efficiency of LCD machines. The small smell can give you a more comfortable print creation environment, so your nose is no longer uncomfortable.


Excellent Fluidity & Safety Certificate

It can quickly penetrate the model and solidify it into a shape and is easy to clean and post-process the finished product. Low viscosity makes it simple to clean your 3D printer. With REACH and RoHS certification, is made of non-toxic and harmless raw materials and is very friendly to the environment. It can be used in construction, life, dentistry, and other fields.


SainSmart 3D Resin is a liquid printing material for SLA/LCD printers. Its high precision and cost-effectiveness make it a useful material, also beloved by the 3D printing fans. This resin allows you to print a model with extremely fine detail, far more than a standard filament printer can produce, and the end result tends to need far less post-processing work to give you a finished product.
If you are working with SLA/LCD printers, SainSmart Resin will definitely worth trying.

  • Volume: 500ml
  • Color: Transparent
  • Curing Wavelength: 395nm to 405nm
  • Hardness (D): 88D
  • Viscosity (25C, mPa.s): 100 to 150 mPa.s
  • Density: 1.07 to 1.12 g/cm3
  • Shrinkage of Vol.: 3.72%-4.24%
  • Flexural Strength (Mpa): 59Mpa to 70Mpa
  • Flexural Modulus (Mpa): 1.88 to 2.38
  • Tensile Strength (Mpa): 35Mpa to 42 Mpa
  • Elongation at Break (%): 11% to 20%
  • Keep away from light and sealed at room temperature.
  • It is recommended to store the resin between 15 Celsius and 35 Celsius in its original container.
  • Avoid any dusty or moist environment.

Note: Please confirm that the UV wavelength of your 3D printer is 405nm.

  • 1 x SainSmart Rapid UV 405nm 3D Printer Resin-500ml Transparent
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United States United States
Fantastic quality prints

Great yall got some new customers after our first two prints using this product

Jonathan K.
It��s like water but not.

So far I��ve only done a hand full of prints with this resin and admittedly I am the reason all but 1 failed. The one that did come out came out great. I use elegoo mars printer and pulse to do the supports and that is what I messed up on was the supports. I use this to print minis for dnd and the quality and ease of clean up is amazing. It also doesn��t have as strong of a smell as elegoo resin does but of course always wear your mask kids.

Great Resin for 3D Printing

I have been into FDM 3D printing for some time now and have heard a lot about this company's products. I am now working with a LCD resin printer and wanted to try their resin. I will say I am not disappointed at all. The material comes in a well sealed container and in fact it is an aluminum can where as the other companies use plastic bottles. The color is good and I had successful prints the very first time I used it. I highly recommend the company and this product. Knowing how well this works in my Hieha SQ3 LCD 3D Resin printer I will now order more colors in the very near future.

Great value, great black resin

This is an amazing resin! The container is aluminum, rather than plastic. There's a plug that sits in the pour spout to ensure a good seal each time you close the cap. The black color is great. I printed a fan duct and bracket to upgrade the cooling ability of my FDM printer and the quality of the print is amazing. First layer adhesion was perfect on both of my first two prints. I have a feeling I will be using up my first bottle very quickly and reordering!

Denise K. Bane
Great Resin, Great Price

This resin printed great on my Elegoo Mars. I've used it to print mostly 28mm miniature figures from the Artisan Guild and the Rocket Pig Games Patreons. I only mention the sources of the miniatures to say this, one set is highly detailed, needing multiple supports while the other is support free and a little less detailed. This is important because the resin proved to print both types equally great. It also doesn't have a harsh smell (it still has a hint of a smell but it's not too bad) Also the resin cured under the UV light in less time than the ABS styles of resin I've used in the past. The only issue I ran into was that this resin is quite brittle once dried. You may say that all resins get brittle...well this one seemed to me to be a little more brittle than others I've tried (Anycubic and Elegoo). It's nothing that is a real issue, just an observation to be aware of. Another difference that this resin provided was in it's bottle....the bottle looks to be aluminum and has a "no drip" style lip for pouring, whereas most other resins I've worked with are just in plastic bottles with normal lips. (This is neither good nor bad, just different). I will 100% use this resin in the future again, also I purchased the grey color if that matters.

Amazon C.
Not a bad resin, but by far not my favorite

I was able to create decent miniatures, but this is by far the most brittle resin I have worked with. If you are using this, cut the supports before during or else you will lose half your minis as arms and weapons break off.

Liam C.
Good, but brittle

Just picked this up for my Elegoo Mars printer. Exposure times and such seem about the same as the Elegoo brand resin, though this has much less of a smell, which is nice.The only downside is it's really brittle. If you're not careful, you'll easily lose small parts from the mini. I just made (see attached photo) a small "evil plant" figure, and even being gentle while removing supports, I snapped the tips off two of the tentacles/stalks.Because it's the same price as most other resins, but is more brittle, I feel like I'd probably pick something else over this unless I was doing sort of "throwaway" miniatures/projects.

Solid resin at a solid price

Pros:-Very nice low viscosity makes the resin easy to mix, pour, and print quickly-Fast cure times for LCD SLA machines tested on a Beam3D Prism (45 seconds base, 6 second layers) and a Anycubic Photon (45 seconds base, 10 second layers)-Nice color-Mixes well with dyes and other flexible resins without seriously effecting cure times.-Aluminum container is packed super well.Overall I really liked the resin definitely see myself using it more in the future!

Aaron K.
Fast curing and almost unnoticeable smell great detail with the Mars

We purchased both the SainSmart transparent and grey resins.Grey:The grey resin was really awesome and produced amazing details down to tiny models that would fit on a dime. We liked the detail on this resin so much we ordered the 1000ml bottle when we ran out of the 500ml.Transparent:This resin was pretty awesome. It cures quicker than the SainSmart grey resin and looks great. The details are harder to see on the clear resins, but that can be solved with a little paint. I'm starting to use this resin for transparent stands for the minis we've been printing in the opaque resins. The fact that this is clear makes it easier to see early when there are problems printing (the cured resins on the plate are slightly less clear/have a different index of refraction than the liquid form so you can see them as they print). You do have to be a little careful with curing times as the clear will start to turn yellow if you leave it in a uv + water bath for too long. This seems to be a common problem with clear resins. It cures really well with natural light but we don't happen to have much of that this time of year.

awillowweeping .
United States United States
Great for coloring

Working on a project that required a specific shade of pink and it printing wonderfully. Rapid UV 405nm 3D Printing Resin 500ml Rapid UV 405nm 3D Printing Resin 500ml Review