DSO320 1-Channel Mini Oscilloscope DIY kit

brand: SainSmart 1 SKU: 101-10-186

This mini oscilloscope is designed for electronic hobbyists to learn about electronics, soldering, programming and STM32. It contains main controller board, TFT LCD and other electronic components to DIY a functional mini digital oscilloscope.


  • Use STM32 Chip. It runs faster than DSO138 and a good handle of data.
  • Pre-programmed. The controller board is programmed and tested before leaving factory. It is high quality and safe to use.
  • Full of Fun. It is a DIY kit and fun to make your own oscilloscope. Especially suitable for who are interested in soldering andSTM32.
  • With Cool Black Case. Unlike DSO138, SainSmart DSO320 is with a cool black case, which makes it convenient to use in teaching and testing.


Notice: This oscilloscope requires DC 9V 200mA power supply (no more than 10V, or it may be burned)

  • Model: DSO320
  • Input impedance: 1MΩ
  • Analog Bandwidth: 0 â€?200 KHz
  • Maximum input voltage: 50Vpp (1: 1 probe), 400Vpp (10: 1 probe)
  • Maximum real-time sampling rate: 1Msps
  • Comes 1Hz /3.3V square wave test signal source
  • Accuracy: 12Bit
  • Sampling buffer depth: 1024 bytes
  • Vertical Sensitivity: 5mV/Div â€?20V/Div
  • Adjustable vertical displacement, and with instructions
  • Coupling modes: DC / AC / GND
  • The horizontal time base range: 10μs / Div - 50s / Div (1-2-5 progressive manner)
  • With automatic, regular and one-shot mode, easy to capture the moment waveform
  • Available rising or falling edge trigger
  • Adjustable trigger level position, and with instructions
  • Observable previous trigger waveform (negative delay)
  • Can freeze at any time waveform display (HOLD function)


  • 1x DSO320 Oscilloscope DIY Kit
  • 1x Probe
  • 1x Power Supply 

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Roger Swearingen Verified Buyer

Great price, not for beginners

They take the DIY a little too far in this kit, all you get is a bunch of parts. Go online and all you get is minimal operating instructions and a parts list. Good luck putting it together, since there are not any assembly instructions, or even helpful photos. Luckily I seem to have gotten everything in the right place first time because it works great! I haven't checked the calibration for accuracy, and probably never will, because I basically just wanted it for some low frequency waveform watching which is what this thing does. And for $33, you can't beat it.