UNI-T UTP3315TFL-II DC Power Supply

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Regulated & Linear: Made by wire isolation transformer as the voltage conversion, Linear power supply is quiet, no noise and costs higher while switching power supply is a transistor conversion which gives much noise and interference, but low cost and low stability.

4-Digital Display & High Precision: Equipped with 4-Digit LED display allows you to see the voltage and current in an easy-to-read interface. Variable to as precise as 0.01V and 0.001A.

Safety Protection: Featuring systems for short-circuit protection, overload protection, and reverse polarity protection, UTP3315TFL-II is a highly reliable bench power supply.

Portable & Easy to Use: A small footprint of 4.1" x 6.5" x 9.8" makes this power supply easy to carry. Separate keys to avoid misoperation.

Multi Applications: Regulated output of 0-30V and 0-5A, Linear power supply is a perfect kit with oscilloscope and function generator. It is an ideal tool for DIY electronics hobbyists, institutions of higher education, enterprise production lines, household appliance repair companies.

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UNI-T UTP3315TFL-II Regulated DC power supply is a high-quality and stable device, which outputs pure and stable signals with low noise. General applications of Linear regulated power supply including, but not limited to Low noise Amplifiers, Signal processing, Data Acquisition - including sensors, multiplexers, A/D converters, and sample & hold circuits, Automatic test equipment, Laboratory test equipment, Control circuits. Anywhere that excellent regulation and/or low ripple is required.


Uni-Trend Technology(UNI-T) is one of the leading Test and Measurement solutions provider since 1988. For DC Power Supply, Any quality problem you can return it immediately. Also professional technical support service.

Package List

1 x UNI-T UTP3315TFL-II DC Power Supply

1 x Power Cord

1 x Fuse

How to Use

User Manual: Electronic Edition download above or Paper User Manual in the package.

Technical Support: Online technical support team.


2-1 3-1 4-1

Large LED, High Precision

A large 4-Digit LED display allows you to read the voltage and current easily and conveniently. Clear Digit Variable to as precise as 0.01V and 0.001A.

Separate Buttons, Multiple Protection

4 Separate Buttons to Avoid Misoperation
Overload Protection
Short-Circuit Protection
Reverse Polarity Protection
Over Temperature Protection

Cooling System, Low Noise

Specially Designed with good heat dissipation performance. Configure a fan to ensure good operation in extreme conditions. The noise is as low as 52db.