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Win One PLA Filament
4-Pack Bundle

Valid: 5.20 - 5.31, 2024 PDT $135 USD Value
  • 🏆 Prize: Three lucky winner will receive GT-3 PLA Filament 4 Color Bundle.
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  • Three Winners will be announced on June 5, 2024 in FAQ- Giveaway Winners.
Get started with GT-3 High Speed Filaments
Compatible with AMS system
This PLA filament balances high-speed printing of up to 500mm/s with quality. It has excellent fluidity and viscosity factors, reducing stringing and sagging.
Supports can be easily removed without damaging the model. The filament has a softening temperature of 140°C, making it resistant to nozzle cooling and preventing clogging. It has a matte finish and is stronger than regular PLA. The 1.75mm diameter filament is compatible with various 3D printers.


Giveaway Winners

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November ThanksGiveaway 2023 LC-40 & LE1620 Laser Machie

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October 2023 AGH380 UV-C Air Purifiers: 

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September 2023 Ender-3 MAX Neo with 3Pack Filament: *******ax@digitaldna.io


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February 2022 Winner: Ken M. (******24@comcast.net)

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  3. ******2001@yahoo.com
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Aug 2022 Winners for 1000 points (already added to your account):
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January 2021 Winner (CNC Bits + 500 Points): Shane S.(ala********004@gmail.com) & LUKE M. (luk*****@gmail.com)

February 2021 Winner (CNC 3018-PROVer Mach3): ( mwo********517@gmail.com)

March 2021 Winners (1000 Points): Claus H. (ein****@choe*****.ch), Mujtaba F. mujt*****@hotmail.**.uk)

April 2021 Winners (PRO32 Soldering Tool): Matthew B. (mab************23@whitn***.com)

June 2021 Winner (Solder Smoke Absorber): Mahmoud H. (mah*********ib@gmail.com)

July & August 2021 Winner ($150 gift card & T-shirt): Matthew K. (mat**********@me.com)

September 2021 Winners (CNC Dust Shoe): Vincent L. (wood****@******bal.net), Dave E. (dcel*****@****tel.net), Christian G. (prec********aii@gmail.com)

May 2020 Winner (3018-MX3): N.D. (nils******@gmail.com)

June 2020 Winner (Mechanical Keyboard & TS80 Soldering Iron Kit): C.T. (pan******@gmail.com)

July 2020 Winner (TS80P Soldering Iron Kit): W.C. (wal**@ce****.org)

August 2020 Winners (3D Printer Enclosure & T-Shirt): R.G. (rob*****@gmail.com), K.H (kw*****7@aol.com)

September 2020 Winner (KL9 LCD 3D Printer): E.B. (ejb****@yahoo.com)

October 2020 Winner (Kaoss Purple TPU & Storage Box): Michael A. (gem*****bane@gmail.com)

November 2020 Winners:

December 2020 Winner (Xmas Filament Kit): Chris P. (cc*****s04@hotmail.com)

Winner Announcement
The winner will be selected at random from the eligible entries at the end of the month and will be announced on June 5, 2024 on this page.
Winners will be notified via the contact information provided during the sign-up process.
If a winner does not respond within 5 days, an alternate winner will be selected.
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