Intimate interaction with tools

Since the invention of screwdrivers in the 15th century, it has become the most common-used tools for us. Using tools is one of the reasons that human is different from other creatures. But we take them for granted as time passed and forget how powerful a right tool can be. As a result of the obsession with creating smarter handy tools for makers, ToolPAC Series motion-sensing screwdriver (ES120/ES121) is designed to make your interaction with tools more intimate than ever.

Sense the moves you make.

Engineered with angular velocity sensor, it intuitively detects the intent of your wrist to tighten or loosen a screw. Efficiency has been improved dramatically for electronics projects or precision repairing tasks with tons of screws to handle.

Adjustable torque. More precise control.

Stripped screws are a nightmare to any repair enthusiast. With 5 torque settings, this design not only allows you to precisely adjust the amount of torque for different applications, it eliminates the risk of stripping screw threads and heads.

Detail makes the design.

With durable and corrosion resistant stainless steel grip surface, this is a tool made to last. A full metal body makes the design more elegant and substantive. When you need to increase torque by manual operation, surface featuring aggressive knurling optimizes friction that creates sufficient force, helps you complete your jobs effectively and quickly.

Big help on Small things.

This is a handy tool made for tinkerers, hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts, makers, or those who are dictated to the precision and repetitive work.

  • Electronics Projects

  • Jewelry Repair

  • Battery Replacement

  • Mobile Device Repair

  • Drones Repair

  1. The End Cap

    A cover that keeps parts of your screwdriver safe and sound.

  2. Control Board

    Installed long-lasting Li-ion battery that can be recharged easily with Micro USB cable. OLED screen displays in a dynamic way whether the screw is tightened or released.

  3. Stainless Steel Surface

    The durable and corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel grip surface features aggressive knurling for your superior control.

  4. Power Mechanism

    ES120 is equipped with 1:144 gear motor, which can provide up to 170 RPM no-load speed and maximum torque.

  5. Integrated Bit Holder

    Hexagon rotor grabs your bits straight and tight, no worries about them popping out during use.

  6. Bit

    Each screwdriver comes with two 4mm hexagon bits and it’s also compatible with universals 4mm bits.

Pick a model you need

Pick a model you need.
Model Shop ES121 Shop ES120
Gear Box 1:64 integrated planetary gearbox 1:144 integrated planetary gearbox
No-load Speed 380RPM 170RPM
Maximum Torque
Your Need You want faster speed. You want larger torque.