12V DC Motor 201rpm w/Encoder for Robotic Arms

brand: SainSmart 1 SKU: 101-20-145 Variants ID: 31922151784527
  • Rated Voltage: 12V DC constant between motor terminals
  • Direction of Rotation: CW when viewed from output shaft side
  • Operating Temperature and Humidity: Temperature range of -10 °C ~+50 °C, Humidity range of 30%~80%
  • Storage Temperature: Temperature range of -20°C~+60°C
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We also have a selection of Basic Starter Kit, Deluxe Starter Kit, Ultimate Starter Kit that utilize this motor.


  • No Load Current:  50±5%ma
  • No Load Speed:  201±5% rpm
  • Starting Voltage:  1.5 V
  • Rated Load:  0.53Kg.cm
  • Rated Load Current:  250±5%ma
  • Rated Load Speed:  160±10% rpm
  • Stall Current:  900±5%ma
  • Maximum torque : 2.8Kg.cm
  • Power: 1.25w
  • External Appearance: Attached Outline Drawing
  • Shaft End Play: 0.5~0.3 mm
  • Weights: Approx: 100g
  • Life: Over 500H



1x SainSmart 12V DC InstaBots Motor 201rpm W/Encoder

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Not bad but could be better

This is a prefectly usable case for the Raspberry Pi B+/2 but not a great one. Your RPi will fit in the case and stay there with the following caveats: 1. Either the spacers included are too thick or the screws are too short. With the spacers on the mounting screws for the RPi there isn't enough thread for the supplied nuts to be secured. I used the nuts as the spacers and then have the RPi just sitting on top with the screws through the mounting holes but not secured. 2. The hole for the micro USB port is a little too small to fit most micro USB cables. Some will fit but you'll find that many cables will fall out. 3. Given the thickness of the sides you won't be able to use your finger to insert or remove the micro SD card. You'll need a small poker (like a screwdriver) or a long fingernail to access the micro SD card. It's not a bad case, the engineering could use some work. It's not as nice as the equivalent case for the Arduino.