20x Tool Kit For Watch Repair

brand: SainSmart SKU: 101-92-177
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  Packages includes:

 5x Precision Screwdrivers
 1xJewelers Hammer with One Metal Head & One Plastic Head
 1x  Box of 360 Spring Bars (18 sizes)
 1x Tweezers
 1x  3x Jewelers Loupe
 1x Watch Band Block
 1x  Watch Band Link Remover
 3x  Additional Link Remover Fittings
 2x  Watch Back Openers (For Pressure Fit/Snap Off Backs)
 2x  Additional Fittings for the Pressure Fit Opener
 1x  Adjustable Watch Case Opener Wrench (For Screw Down Backs)
 1x  Black Foam-lined Interior Plastic Carrying Case