20X4 2004 LCD Module

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  • This board can be used to display the system information of your computer, such as Everest status, MBM status (Your CPU temperature, fan/cooler speed, etc.), BBC world news (or any other RSS feeds), WinAmp status (currently playing tracks title, length, position, etc), network status (speed, total bytes, etc), CPU speed, free disk space, memory usage, E-mail details, game status and many others. In addition, users may adjust the contrast ratio of LCD display and backlight brightness.
  • Net Weight:204g/7.2 oz


  • Integrate a 20*4 (blue background white character) LCD as the main display
  • Can be used to display info from serial COM port with tailored application- LCD Smartie and its displaying pattern can be adjusted
  • One USB A to mini USB AB cable and one USB mainboard extension cord are provided, both of which can be used for power connection and communication
  • Can readily be fixed into PC case


  • Operation Temperature:0?to +60?
  • Storage Temperature: -10? to 70?
  • Outline Dimension:120.65 (mm) X 60.96 (mm) X 35.92(mm)

To display system and other editable information

Package list:

  • 1 x 20*4 LCD module
  • 1 x Mini USB cable
  • 1 x USB mainboard extension cord
  • 4 x Bolt
  • 8 x Screw



    Version No.
    On-board Components
    Ports available
    Edition I
    Compatible with LCD Smartie only
    USB-to-serial port converter CP2102

    1. Serial COM port: USB mini B,USB 9-pin,

    2. Single-row female socket