[Discontinued] 3.2" TFT LCD Module 320*240 Touch Screen Display for Raspberry Pi

Brand: SainSmart SKU: 20-111-971 SKU: 20-111-971 Variants ID: 45101510804

The 3.2 inch TFT LCD module is a special design for Raspberry Pi for portable application. It features a 3.2” display with 320x240 16bit color pixels and resistive touchscreen.

  • Well mate with Raspberry Pi Model B+ Board
  • 4 user defined press buttons
  • FBTFT graphics library support
  • Both the command console and X window support
  • Mounted directly, no need of any extended shield
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Display Size 3.2 inch
Resolution 320x240
Touchscreen Resistive
Interface SPI
LCD controller ILI9341
Touch panel controller STMPE6
1x 3.2" Inch LCD Touch Screen Display Monitor