3pcs One set Adhesive Copper Heatsink kit for Raspberry PI

brand: SainSmart SKU: A101-40-110 Variants ID: 45100912532


This is tested to fit the Raspberry Pi CPU / SoC
Also works on the SMCI USB/NIC controller chip, although it is somewhat larger than the chip itself. It does clear the surrounding components
Offers a significant cooling advantage over the non-cooled stock state.


  • 100% Brand New Premium Quality
  • Lightweight aluminum heatsinks with adhesive backing strip to stick firm
  • A set of 3 heatsinks
  • Exclusively made for Raspberry Pi

Install Instructions:

  • Make sure the chip modules are free from dirt and greas
  • Peel the protective liner on the base of the heatsink
  • Affix th heatsinks on the chip modules and apply firm pressure
  • Make sure the chip modules

Package List:

  • 3x 12mm(L) x 13mm(W) x 5mm(H) Copper Heatsink