900W DC-DC Boost Converter 8-60V to 10-120V 15A Step Up Power Supply Module

brand: SainSmart SKU: 101-30-372 Variants ID: 45102630996

This is 900W DC-DC Boost Converter 8-60V to 10-120V 15A Step Up Power Supply Module

  • Wide voltage range: 8-60V input can be boosted to 10-120V, output current 0-15A. 
  • Uses advanced microprocessor, can precisely regulate output voltage and current. 
  • With fan cooling, good for long-term and stable work. 
  • With memory save function, can store 10 groups parameters, and can freely store or recall. 
  • With an input voltage protection. 
  • Has a constant voltage, constant current status. 
  • Uses four LED to display the output voltage, current, power and capacity and other parameters in real time. 
  • Auto / manual switch to display voltage, current, power, capacity and other parameters. 
  • Has an output (OUT), constant voltage (CV), constant current (CC) indicator, you can view real-time working status. 
  • You can set whether to automatically output after power-on. 
  • Can press a key to save the current/voltage values you set. 
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  • Input Voltage: 8V-60V 
  • Output Current: 0-15A 
  • Output Voltage: 10-120V 
  • Conversion Efficiency: 85%  
  • Operating Frequency: 150KHz 
  • Short Circuit Protection: 20A Fuse 
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C 
  • Control Method: Digital Control + LED Display 
  • Voltage Regulator / Display Resolution: <100V/0.01V; >100V/0.1V 
  • Power Display Minimum Resolution: 0.001W 
  • Current Regulation / Display Resolution: <10A/0.01A; >10A/0.1A 
  • Capacity Display Minimum Resolution: 0.001AH 
  • Output Ripple: â‰?0mV  

Package List:

  • 1 x 900W Digital Boost Module