Brand: Genmitsu SKU: 101-63-4AXIS-57

Rotary Module Kit for PROVerXL 4030, 6050 Plus CNC Router

SKU: 101-63-4AXIS-57 Variants ID: 41013733130319

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Discover the Possibilities: Elevate your PROVer XL 4030 V1/PROVer XL 6050 Plus CNC machine's capabilities with the Genmitsu Rotary Module Kit. Carve from different angles and positions, and explore 3D and hybrid 2D rotary carving or laser possibilities with compatible software.


NEMA23 Planetary Geared Stepper Motor: Take advantage of the high torque and power provided by the NEAM23 motor. This motor enables the motion system to rotate workpieces with superior force and precision compared to other belt-driven rotary modules available in the market.


Larger Compatibility: Designed for big projects and large machines, the Genmitsu rotary module kit easily handles materials of different sizes. With a clamped material range from 15-275mm (without tailstock) to 15-215mm (with tailstock) and compatibility with 2-67mm diameters, it ensures precise engraving for industrial components, artistic creations, and detailed prototypes.


Precision Control: Utilize the 10:1 reduction ratio for precise control, offering a minimum angle of 0.1° and a maximum angular speed of 480° per second, ensuring high speed and unparalleled accuracy.


User-Friendly: We provide step-by-step instructions, along with dedicated after-sales support. Your setup and operation experience will be hassle-free.


Superior Performance

Enhanced accuracy with the NEMA23 Planetary Geared Stepper Motor, outperforming other belt-driven rotary modules on the market.


Precise Control

A 10:1 reduction ratio ensures precise control, delivering a minimum angle of 0.1° and a maximum angular speed of 480° per second.


Simple Length Adjustment

Quick setup of the rotary module kit to various material lengths and diameters, ensuring optimal precision and flexibility in all your CNC projects.


Flexible Mounting Solutions

The rotary module's clamp with forward and reverse mounting options for a wider range of sizes.

  • Forward Mounting: 2-37mm
  • Reverse Mounting: 20-67mm
  • User Manual


Compatible CNC Machine Genmitsu PROVer XL 4030 V1/PROVer XL 6050
Clamped Material Size (with Tailstock) 15-215mm
Clamped Material Size (without Tailstock) 15-275mm
Clamped Material Diameter (Forward Mounting) 2-37mm
Clamped Material Diameter (Reverse Mounting) 20-67mm
Tailstock Spacing Adjustment 5 positions, 16mm spacing, 16-81mm range
Tailstock Center Adjustment Range 0-30mm
Direct Electric Motor NEMA23 Planetary Geared Stepper
Gear Ratio 0.417361111
Max Rotate Speed 480°/S
Unidirectional Maximum Rotation Angle 33512 x 360°
Center Height 60mm
Size 470 x 125 x 105mm (18.50” x 4.92” x 4.13”)