Cypress CY7C68013A-128 128Pin MCU EZ-USB FX2LP Developement Board 128K EEPROM

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Product Feature:
This development board provide a accelaration to learn or achieve USB2.0 high speed communication. It is an ideal choice for high speed data acquisition system. The board is a stand alone system , user can achieve their task by only a little extension of IOs. Also it is seamless to connect with out FPGA board , only need some flying wires .

The main feature of the board list as follows :

  •  Cypress FX2LP Cy7C68013A 128Pin MCU
  •  On board 128K I2C EEPROM which store PID & VID and MCU firmware
  •  4 LED indicator
  •  3 user buttons
  •  ATA IDE connector which can connect to IDE hard driver directly to emulate USB Mass Storage Device
  •  All MCU IO port is routed to either side of the board
  •  IO port name is printed on the silkscreen, easy for looking up
  •  The board is simply powered from USB connector

Package List:
1x Cypress CY7C68013A-128 board(without 32k SRAM)