5-DOF Humanoid Robotic Arms & Hands

brand: SainSmart SKU: 101-20-159


- It uses 6 servos to drive and control, each finger can move separately and flexibly.
- 5 degree of freedom.
- More flexible and can move freely.
- Handmade mini bionic hand, innovative design and realistic.

- Net Weight: About 163g
- Material: Aluminum Alloy
- Model: Right Hand
- Bionic Hand Size: 181.86 * 44mm(L*W)
- Servo Size: 27.5 * 12 * 21mm(L*W*H)
- Completion Degree: Semi-finished Product

- This robot manipulator arm is unassembled.
- Beware of servo locked-rotor.
- Installation requires some patience and hands-on ability. Like playing with blocks, no pressure.

Package list:
- 1x Right hand
- 6x Servos with screws

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