FPGA ARM core board STM32 Cyclone IV 4 Development board stm32f103VC EP4CE6E144

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1. BUCK circuit 5-16V DC wide input and output current up to 2A.?
2. on board CORTEX-M3 STM32 ARM microprocessor, clocked up to 72MHz;
3. on board Cyclone IV 4 FPGA..
4. 8M SDRAM, running SOPC NIOSII.
5. 2M SPI Flash can store FPGA configuration information, NIOSII code.
6. precision 2.5V reference IC for ADC / DAC reference.
7. USB interface;
8. UART interface for serial communication.
9. SWD Debug Interface.
10. external 2 channel 12 bit DAC;
11. expansion 12 bit ADC;
12. STM32 Interface SPI / CAN / USARTs / I 2 C all leads;
13. three independent keys.
14. STM32 FSMC expansion, and expand outside the four independent chip select chip select space (CS0 to CS3);
15. FPGA / ARM LED function indication.
16. STM32 expansion I/O up to 65 (including FSMC);
17. FPGA expansion I / O up to 46 (including FSMC);
18. PCB size 90x100 mm



source code.zip