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[Discontinued] Genmitsu CNC Ball Nose End Mill Bit, 2 Flutes, 6mm Shank, 3.0mm Radius, 6.0mm Cut Diameter

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Nano Blue Coat

Because of the high hardness and heat resistance, Nanoblue Coating is quickly becoming the coating of choice for CNC in industries that require high-performance tooling.

Tungsten Steel

Ultra-fine solid carbide tungsten steel material is outstanding for drilling and milling your CNC jobs.


Genmitsu End Mill bits are capable of side milling, slot milling, and face milling, which can be used for many different purposes.

Applicable Materials

The nano bits have an HRC rating of 65 and are optimal for drilling a wide range of materials, including Wood, Nylon, Resin, ABS, Acrylic, PVC, MDF, Hardwood, Plywood, PCB Circuit Board, Plastic, Fiber, Soft Metal, Aluminum, Copper, Glass, Porcelain, Ceramic, or Granite Stone.

Perfect Combination with Machine

Genmitsu CNC Router End Mills are compatible with most of the CNC machines on the market, including Genmitsu 3018 series & 3018-MX3, Makita, and other brand machines. Just make sure you select the correct-sized collet for your machine.

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Choosing the right bit makes all the difference for cutting down on waste and material costs. Genmitsu is able to help you reduce your costs by offering a variety of high-quality bits that extend the life of your tooling. If you’re new to CNC routing or simply like to have a new bit for hard-to-cut material, Genmitsu is the right choice.

  • Shank Diameter: 6mm

  • Cutting Edge Length: 12mm 

  • Overall Length: 50mm

  • Cutting Diameter: 6.0mm

  • Radius: 3.0mm

  • 1 x Genmitsu CNC Router Bit Ball Nose End Mill