Brand: Genmitsu SKU: 101-61S-TR06A

[Discontinued] TR06A, Cutter Insert Set for Mini Wood Lathe Turning Tool Replacement, 6Pcs

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Genmitsu TR06A Cutter

Use these cutters with the easy-to-use wood turning on your lathe with Carbide Turning tools. With the Carbide Turning Tool Set you can eliminate the inconvenience of sharpening your turning tools and hold the tool in position to cut clean and smoothly. Tips: When using carbide tipped cutters such as these, you keep the cutter straight in on the turning which produces a shearing action. This produces much cleaner cuts and tends to be easier than using standard turning tools.
  • 2PCS Square Cutter Insert: 15x15x2.5mm
  • 2PCS Round Cutter Insert: R-Φ12x2.5-30°
  • 2PCS Diamond Shape Cutter Insert with Sharp Point: 30x16mm
The square cutter is ideal for flat surfaces and works especially well working or turning pens.
The round cutter is ideal to be used on concave surfaces as shown above. Works exceptionally well on curved goblets, tops and more.
The diamond shaped cutter can create fine, clean lines that add just the right amount of accent to your projects.