[Discontinued] InstaBots Bluetooth Control Self-Balancing Robot

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The InstaBots V4 Kit is specifically designed to introduce kids and other beginners to programming, electronics, and robotics. The hands-on experience of assembling the electronic components is an excellent teacher.

At the heart of the kit is the Arduino Mega board. Small but powerful, this open source controller is versatile, programmable, and compatible with a variety of modular shields.

The included toolbox and instructions document the step-by-step assembly process. More details can be found on the product’s wiki page.

The latest version supports Bluetooth control via the iOS and Android apps, allowing learners to monitor and customize configuration parameters from their smartphones or tablets.

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 The soldering tool we used in video: ToolPAC PRO32 Smart Soldering Tool Set

Learning Through Playing

Hands-on Programming, Electronics, and Robotics

Develop Building Skills

Geared towards kids, the InstaBots Kit teaches programming, electronics, and robotics concepts. The building process is critical in developing mechanical skills and teaching electronics fundamentals.

Encourage Imagination

The open-source Arduino architecture makes exploring the endless possibilities of robotics easy and fun.

Simple, Powerful Design
  • Versatile and programmable DIY robot kit
  • Built-in Arduino Mega board
  • Compatible with a variety of shields
  • Supports Bluetooth 4.0

This DIY kit needs assembly.  Batteries are not included. Not support Android 7.0 or above

Microcontroller Based on Arduino Mega

Powered by the Arduino Mega board, the SainSmart InstaBots V4 is a versatile, programmable, self-balancing robot. Its open source architecture makes the level of customization nearly limitless.

Bluetooth Wireless Module

The latest version supports Bluetooth control via the iOS and Android apps, allowing learners to monitor and customize configuration parameters from their smartphones or tablets.  Simply install the InstaBots app and connect to the Arduino board via Bluetooth.

Simple, Sturdy Chassis

The chassis is simple and tough, making it great for both indoor and outdoor use.  Start exploring the possibilities today!


  • Self-balancing
  • Uses the MPU6050 sensor, which contains a MEMS accelerometer and gyro integrated into the same a chip
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Parameters are easy to adjust in SainSmart’s InstaBots app
  • App supports both Android and iOS
  • Three digital and three analog input pin connectors for add-on modules (shields)


  • Size: 7.9 x 2.6 x 4.3" (200 x 65 x 110 mm)
  • Weight: 448 g
  • Motor: 12V, 126 RPM
  • Wheel Diameter: 2.55” (65 mm)
  • Voltage Range: 10 V to 13 V (11.1 V is recommended(
  • Battery: Li-Po battery (not included)
  • Bluetooth Range: 33 to 66 ft (10 to 20 m)

































    • 1× MEGA2560 R3 Compatible with Arduino
    • 1× SainSmart Proto_Shield V4.0    
    • 1× Balancing Robot Platform   
    • 1× BLE 4.0 Module            
    • 1× TB6612FNG             
    • 1× MPU 6050 sensor   
    • 2× Coupling            
    • 2× Motor Bracket              
    • 2× Gear Motor              
    • 2× Wheel                       
    • 2× Wire bundles                     
    • 1× T-type plug  
    • Assorted screws and nuts
    • 1× USB Programming Cable
    • 1× Instruction Manual



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        Two jumpers needed

        It took some doing, but I finally figured out that the kit I received was missing two jumpers (not mentioned in the instructions) that must be used to make the app connect to and control the robot. I learned of the first jumper in the Bluetooth connection tutorial video, but only found the second jumper upon careful examination of a close-up shot of the shield in the main assembly video that shows the second jumper in place next to the first. After I figured out that these jumpers were needed (and was able to find two of my own in some spare parts I already had on hand), I was finally able to make the robot work. Once that was resolved, however, I was very happy to see the robot balance and drive around pretty well without any additional need to fine-tune the PID values or other parameters. That said, I still have one minor unresolved issue with the app: It’s asking for a password I don’t have when I try to access the Debug menu to modify parameters for smoother operation. That hasn’t been a major problem since the robot will mostly drive without falling too often, but it is a bit of an annoyance when the app is supposed to allow the parameters to be changed on the fly and there’s no mention of any password in the instructions anywhere. Overall, this is a major improvement on the original version of the remote controlled SainSmart balancing robot I purchased five years ago, which took major re-engineering and coding on my part just to get it to balance somewhat reliably, but to this day has never worked with the remote at all. Because this version does work as advertised once the jumpers are installed, I give it four stars (though I would like to see SainSmart include the jumpers with the kit and call the user’s attention to them in the instructions and online).

        Instabot v4 - wrong part included

        My InstaBot Upright Rover Kit V4 arrived with the correct Bluetooth board, MPU board and TB6612FNG Board, but the SainSmart Protoshield in the kit is the V3 Protoshield and these three add-on boards cannot be connected. I have checked your website and do not see an option to purchase a V4 Protoshield separately. How can I fix this to complete the V4 build? thanks, Steve

        where is the documentation for getting this to work with a smart phone app

        I have the app installed but nothing happens when I turn it on. How do I actually use my phone to connect to the robot?


        Hello Andy, Thanks for your feedback. Please kindly follw these step to connect your robot: 1. Please power on your V4 2. Turn on bluetooth function on your device then open the APP 3. Click the car icon that appears in your app, when the connection is success, the bluetooth led will lit. Hope these information will help. Feel free to contact us at support@sainsmart.com if you have any concern Best regards, SainSmart

        What battery goes with this

        Is there a link to a battery that would work well with this robot kit? I am also interested in a charger for such a battery.


        Hi Andy, Thank you for your feedback. 11.1V Li-Po battery is recommended for Instabots V4. You may search it on Amazon and purchase the one you like. Please kindly note that Li-po battery needs maintenance when lay aside. If the battery is swollen, we suggest you replace it with a new one. Feel free to contact us at support@sainsmart.com if you need any information. Have a nice day! Regards, SainSmart