MOS FET Delay Cycle Intermittent Trigger Signal Perfect Switching Power Module,[Final Sale]

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This is a MOS FET delay power switching module

  • Input voltage: 3V ~ 30V; Output voltage: 5V ~ 30V
  • Supports 4 delay work mode
  • US only, final sale
  • 1.MOSFET modules, input and output is fully isolated.
  • 2.Input voltage: 3V ~ 30V;
  • 3.Working current:50mA
  • 4.You can control high power equipment, motors, light bulbs, LED lights, DC motors, miniature pumps, solenoid valves, etc.
  • 5.Output controlled voltage: 5V ~ 30V. Current: less than 5A(5A need to add heat sink, the maximum should not exceed 20A.)
  • 6.Signal voltage:DC 4V-27V(or button/PNP sensor/PLC control signal)
  • 7.Delay time:
  •    1>. 0-999s:Regulation Accuracy 1s
  •    2>. 0-99.9s:Regulation Accuracy 0.1s
  •    3>. 0-999minutes:Regulation Accuracy 1minutes
  • 8.Size:64*39*13mm

Operation mode selection:

  • 1. Long press button K1 inter function select mode P1-1~P1-4 after power on.Short press K1 can set trigger:default trigger signal is invalid during delay.Press one time,trigger signal is valid during delay and re-timing.Press again,Reset is valid during delay.Press three times to default status.
  • 2. P1-1 mode:Module starts work after trigger signal and begain delay.after delay,stop work.Usedr can set delay time T by button K2 and K3.Set delay time by dot's position.If diplay "999." means delay time is 0-999 minutes.If display "99.9" means delay time is 0-99.9 second.If not display dot mean time is 0-999 second.
  • 3. P1-2 mode:Begin delay T1 after trigger.After T1 ,output delay T2,then stop work.User can set delay time T1 and work time T2.Blue LED ON mean work status and OFF mean delay time.
  • 4. P1-3 mode:Connect ON T1 and Connect OFF T2 or Connect OFF T1 and Connect ON T2 infinite Loop.It can be set OFF or ON at firstby K1.
  • 5. P1-4 mode:It will work when trigger signal but don't delay.But if signal disappear,it will delay T and after T1,cut off output.


  • 1 x MOSFET module