MPPT Tracer1210RN Solar Charge Controller Regulator 12/24V INPUT 10A

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Why we recommend buy MPPT Solar Controller?

MPPT circuit solar controllers are considerably more elaborate than PWM. The voltage of the solar panel changes with time of day and temperature. The optimum voltage for battery charging changes as the state of charge of the battery. The MPPT charge controller matches these voltages and can result in 30% more efficient transfer of power. This means good MPPT solar charge controllers can reduce the number of solar panels needed by up to 30%- a tremendous benefit. Even if the excess panels are purchased, benefits are realized in a Grid Tie system because more electricity can be sold back to the grid. While only a small part of system price, a MPPT solar panel charge controller can leverage the rest of the system to better performance.


* Model No: Tracer-1210RN
* Nominal System Voltage: 12VDC | 24VDC Auto work
* Rated Battery Current: 10A
* Maximum Battery Voltage: 32V
* Max. Solar Input Voltage: 100VDC
* Max. PV input power: 12V/ 130W 24V /260W
* Self-consumption: <10mA(24V)
* Charge Circuit Voltage Drop: <=0.26V
* Discharge Circuit Voltage Drop: <=0.15V
* Communication: TTL232 / 8pin RJ45

Environmental Parameter:

* Working temperature: -35 to +55 C
* Storage temperature: -35 to +80 C
* Humidity: 10%-90% NC
* Enclosure: IP30

Mechanical Parameter:

* Dimension: 156 x 97 x 68 / mm
* Mounting holes: 147 x 60 / mm
* Mounting hole size: ?5
* Terminal: 4mm²
* Weight: 0.55kg

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Appears to be a genuine MPPT charge controller

I would recommend this if you want to try a cheap MPPT controller. I have been waiting for MPPT charge controllers to get under $100. I have read reviews of other MPPT charge controllers that would seem to indicate that some disreputable manufacturers simply slap "MPPT" onto the front of an old-style PWM controller. In this case, I am happy to say that this really appears to be a genuine MPPT charge controller. I used a good meter and an oscilloscope, we could see the charge controller make tiny adjustments to the load that the MPPT controller would present to our 100 Watt test panel. The adjustments were observed as periodic, small changes in the voltage that the panel was producing. The panel voltage would vary constantly up and down by about plus or minus 0.15V as the controller continuously searched for the optimal power load for the panel. We measured that the power produced by the panel (power in Watts = Volts * Amps) was essentially the same as the power being put into the battery that was being charged. At 14V, the battery side of the controller circuit was about 3 volts lower than the panel voltage (about 17V). At the same time, the battery-side current was about 0.2A higher than the panel-side current, as one would expect if the controller was acting as a power conversion device. The efficiency of the unit appeared to be quite good. The manufacturer claims 97% or so. We did not measure the efficiency, but we did note that the unit stayed basically at ambient temperature while connected to a 100W panel during our charging tests. The unit is heavily heat-sinked, but never got even warm to the touch, meaning that the panel power was basically all going into the battery and very little was getting lost in the converter. Our old PWM controllers would get pretty hot to the touch.