Raspberry Pi 2 Ultimate Kit : Case with Fan + 8GB SD + Wifi + Breadboard + HDMI 2-Year Warranty, more than 60 page tutorial

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An exclusive Starter Kit from SainSmart that includes the latest edition of the Raspberry Pi family - The Raspberry Pi 2 Model B &(B Plus) and everything you need to get up and running within minutes in the exciting world of Raspberry Pi!

  • Raspberry Pi 2 Model B 1GB RAM Quad Core CPU *Latest Version 2015* 6x Faster

The Raspberry Pi is a Linux-based, credit card sized computer which is perfect for tinkering or learning to program. Capable of doing almost everything a normal computer can do - just in a much smaller, more affordable package. Features HDMI, RCA, audio outputs, GPIO, and dual USB ports. You'll need a power supply and SD card with OS installed. Simply hook it up to your monitor and keyboard to get started programming.

    • High Quality Clear Case with Cooling Fan

    This easy to assemble case,manufactured from high quality thick acrylic,will provide your Raspberry Pi 2 and Raspberry Pi B+ quite good cover.The Mini Fan features include high airflow,high static pressure,high temperature resistance and long service life. Good for your choice.
    - Compatible with Latest Version Raspberry Pi 2 Model and Raspberry Pi B+
    - Special design to install a cooling fan (size:3*3cm)
    - The cooling fan is DC 5V 0.2A


    • Adhesive Aluminium Heatsink

    The Heatsink have a layer of adhesive on the back of them. Simply peel the adhesive off and stick onto your board.
    This heatsink set is specially designed for Raspberry Pi, it's function is to cool down the board and make your Raspberry operate safely.
    Reduce the risk of hardware failure because of overheating.

    • 150Mbps Wi-Fi USB Adapter for Raspberry Pi

    This 802.11b/g/n USB WiFi adapter works right out of the box with popular Raspberry Pi operating systems like Raspbian and RaspBMC.
    Tested and verified to work with your Raspberry Pi as well as the Beagle Bone.
    Plug and Play
    Compatible with Raspberry Pi Model A B B+ Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

    • 5V 2A USB Power Supply Charger for Raspberry Pi + USB Cable

    5V 2A Universal Wall Charger adapter for Raspberry Pi.
    INPUT: AC:100V-240V 50/60HZ
    OUTPUT: DC:5V 2A

    • SainSmart Black GPIO adapter board + Breadboard + Rainbow cable

    SainSmart Black GPIO expansion kits, contains three pieces: a 26-pin GPIO cable, a breadboard and a GPIO adapter board.


    Package List:

    • 1x New Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
    • 1x SainSmart Transparent Clear Case Enclosure Box + Cooling Fan
    • 3x Aluminum Heatsink
    • 1x Rainbow cable
    • 1x Breadboard
    • 1x Black GPIO adapter board
    • 1x HDMI Cable
    • 1x 8GB MicroSD card
    • 1x USB Wifi Dongle
    • 1x 5V Micro USB Charger


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