USB ISP Programmer for ATMEL AVR 51 ATMega ATTiny

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    • USBasp is a USB in-circuit programmer for Atmel AVR controllers. It simply consists of an ATMega8 and a couple of passive
      •  components. The programmer uses a firmware-only USB driver, no special USB controller is needed.
        • 500mA over-current protection with self-healing fuse, to protect expensive   computer motherboard!
          • designed for notebook computers, special two 3.6V regulator, a perfect match to level, get rid of the instability of hardware hidden! Target board power mode jumper settings.
            • Speed of adaptive technology
              • Programming speed is up to 5kBytes/sec
                • SCK option to support targets with low clock speed (< 1,5MHz)
                  • Powered by USB
                    • Standard 10-Pin ISP connector.
                      • 51 Series AT89S51 AT89S52 AT89S8252
                        • AVR Series

                            ATTiny12(L)  ATTiny13(V)  ATTiny15(L)  ATTiny24(V)
                            ATTiny25(V)  ATTiny26(L)  ATTiny2313(V)  ATTiny44(V)
                            ATTiny45(V)  ATTiny84(V)  ATTiny85(V)  AT90S2313(L)  AT90S2323(L)
                            AT90S2343(L)  AT90S1200(L)  AT90S8515(L)  AT90S8535(L)
                            ATMEGA48(V)  ATMEGA8(L)  ATMEGA88(V)  ATMEGA8515(L)
                            ATMEGA8535(L)  ATMEGA16(L)  ATMEGA162(V)  ATMEGA163(L)
                            ATMEGA164(V)  ATMEGA165(V)  ATMEGA168(V)  ATMEGA169(V)
                            ATMEGA169P(V)  ATMEGA32(L)  ATMEGA324(V)  ATMEGA325(V)
                            ATMEGA3250(V)  ATMEGA329(V)  ATMEGA3290(V)  ATMEGA64(L)
                            ATMEGA640(V)  ATMEGA644(V)  ATMEGA645(V)  ATMEGA6450(V)
                            ATMEGA649(V)  ATMEGA6490(V)  ATMEGA128(L)  ATMEGA1280(V)
                            ATMEGA1281(V)  ATMEGA2560(V)  ATMEGA2561(V)  AT90CAN32
                            AT90CAN64  AT90CAN128  AT90PWM2(B)  AT90PWM3(B) etc.



                          1 x USB AVR-ISP Programmer.
                          1 x 10-Pin Connection Cable.


                          Download List:

                          USBASP(no need driver).rar