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About Us

SainSmart is a professional Open Hardware manufacturer specializing in Maker products ranging from Development Boards and Sensors to Motors and Testing Equipment. We aim to meet the comprehansive demands of any and all electronics hobbyists. Adhering to our business philosophy that “profit is vanity, quality is sanity”, SainSmart strives to offer top-notch high-grade products at prices that even the most cost-conscious customers can't resist. We do all these things simply because we know “You’re not just smart, you’re SainSmart”

  • S imple

    No hidden secrets or charges. We take pride in keeping the browsing and checkout process as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  • A ffordable

    Our prices speak for themselves. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or first timer, we promise competitive prices for all your demands.

  • I nvolvement

    Giving back to the community is what we are all about. Being involved in the community allows us to experience firsthand how Sainsmart’s parts are being used while constantly catering our products to your specific needs.

  • N etwork

    Online and offline networks are what keep people coming back for more. We take an active approach in talking, sharing, and interacting amongst the millions of electronics enthusiasts out there. Providing them valuable insight to get their newest projects up and running in no time.

  • S mile

    Keeping a smile on customers’ faces from the moment they open their package and for years to come is crucial. Without a smile, no transaction is complete.

  • M aker

    The Maker movement is a social revolution, allowing people worldwide to turn the old into new from the comfort of their very own homes. SainSmart is proud to be a part of this global movement, and we are committed to providing reliable products and services across the globe.

  • A ccelerator

    We’re not only manufacturing and selling open hardware, but also building up community for our customers through various ways like social media, blogs, forums, campaigns and exhibition fairs. We hope SainSmart will be a great accelerator for ideas given the constant focus on learning, the influx of new technologies, and the depth of the talents.

  • R &D

    With a R&D team composed of on-site engineers as well as outside partners like freelance developers and university labs, we put most of our profits into new researching projects, from Arduino-powered Smart Home to modular handheld oscilloscopes. Don’t forget to visit us back often and register our newsletter as we always have new product arrivals.

  • T rademark

    The Sainsmart "cool boy" is just as active as we are, and always keeping us on our toes. Just look for our signature Cool Boy logo to ensure top notch SainSmart quality.