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As a member of SainSmart Reward Program, you'll get a unique referral link for your friends.


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Claim your own $10 reward when your friend makes a purchase on sainsmart.com using your link.


What is SainSmart Work In Progress?

SainSmart Work-In-Progress is our reward program. Once sign up to WIP you can earn points ("Smart Points" as we call it in the program) when you purchase at SainSmart.com.

How do I join WIP?

WIP is FREE to join. Create an account (or sign in if you already have one), then you will be enrolled in WIP reward program automatically. Be sure to sign in when you make a purchase to receive your points! We can’t offer points for purchases made as a guest. And you can earn 200 points as a sign-up reward.

How do I earn points?

You earn points for every $1 you spend at SainSmart.com. You must be signed into your account to earn points for your purchase. There are three levels in WIP rewards program and as you reach to a higher level, you earn points faster.

How do I know my point balance?

Once you signed into your account, click on #EarnMyRewards in the right bottom and you can view your point balance.

How do I redeem my points?

To redeem points, sign into your account, click on #EarnMyRewards in the right bottom. Redeem points by clicking on "All rewards" and redeem for the reward you want.

Can I transfer points between different accounts?

Sorry, points cannot be transferred between different accounts. If you've created multiple accounts, you can earn points for any of them once you signed into your accounts but you can't transfer points between different accounts. Points required for tier also must be earned under the same account.

Do rewards expire? Is there any condition for me to use them?

Rewards expire at 11:59 PM UTC, 6 months after being issued they can only be used once. Click on #EarnMyRewards in the right bottom, see if there is a condition for your available rewards by clicking "Your rewards".

Do my points expire?

Yes, points expire. If you have been inactive/not purchased for the past 365 days (i.e. no earning or spending of points), then your points balance will return to zero. Make sure you spend and earn points within 365 days to retain your balance.

Does my tier level expire?

Yes, tier expires. You need to earns enough points within a full calendar year to keep your VIP tier. For example, if you earns enough points to reach gold tier in September of 2019, you'll get to enjoy the benefits of your tier for the rest of that year and all of 2020. During 2020, you'll have to earn enough points to re-qualify for your gold tier. If you do not, your tier will be recalculated based on the points you have earned.

Can I earn points for purchases made in SainSmart stores on eBay or amazon?

Sorry, you can only earn points for purchases made at sainsmart.com.

What are the different levels of the program and what do they mean?

Check on the slider here to view benefits of three tier levels.

What will stop me from claiming referral rewards?

Give a friend $10 with your unique link, claim your own when your friend makes a purchase on sainsmart.com. Your friend's reward will expire at 11:59 pm UTC, 30 days after being issued. Your rewards will expire at 11:59 pm UTC, 6 months after being issued. Rewards can be applied to purchase over $25.

Still having a question?

If you have any questions on this program, please email us for help at support@sainsmart.com .