Our Story

“Humans do two things that make us unique from all other animals; we use tools and we tell stories. And when you make something, you’re doing both at once”. -Adam Savage

Our Mission: Put The Power Back In The Maker’s Hands.

The hobbyist, the tinkerer, the DIY enthusiast; the makers. These people have phenomenal ideas but don’t always have the means to bring them to life. For past 13 years, SainSmart has supplied a variety of open hardware supplies to help turn daydreams and weekend projects into amazing products and devices.

So Why Build SainSmart?

It’s time to challenge the belief that you need a huge team and production facility to make innovative products. We believe that whether you are in a classroom, makerspace, or basement workshop, your ideas have the power to transform the world. Let’s make a better world together.


SainSmart was founded with the goal of helping the Maker community to bring their phenomenal ideas to life. We remain firmly committed to this goal and still trying our best to put the power back into the hands of the Makers.

Below we have collected some of our

most memorable moments and fun facts from the last ten years.

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Felicidades por un gran producto!


"Keep up the good work!!!Excellent Quality, prices and customer support are a winning combination and you understand that good business is a team sport!"


"Congratulations for successful 10 year's"


"♫ ♪ Happy Birthday to you.Happy Birthday to you.Happy Birthday, dear SainSmart.Happy Birthday to you....and many more! ♪ ♫Thank you for manufacturing superior products and for a technical support team which is unequalled in the industry. My students thank you, my clients thank you, and I thank you profoundly. Happy 10th Birthday!"


"Congratulations on ten years. And here is to the next ten!"


"Here's to the next 10 years! Sainsmart's been a good company, you actually stand behind your products which isn't common in the lower end market. You've been making improvements rather than just copying the same old unchanged designs while still trying to keep prices down. And this user supported group seems to be the only real support for 3018 class routers, and it's regardless of who made them."


“You guys rock. I've never had such solid support from any company I've ever purchased items from. Keep up the good work guys and gals.”

- Stephen

“Support was good. They were knowledgeable. I am not a fan of email only support because it takes time to get responses and is slow. They did a great job I’m happy overall with their support.”

- James

“My first cnc machine was with Sainsmart, and I've bought 2 more in the last year. Anytime that I've had a problem, their customer service has taken care of it beyond what I expected from a company..”

- Jeff

“Ainda não fiz a montagem. O tempo tem sido curto mas eu adoro SAINSMART e como habitualmente com outros produtos que comprei, este será igualmente de excelente qualidade.”

- Jose

“Sono stato molto soddisfatto del prodotto. Fa ciò che deve. L'assistenza eccellente mi ha aiutato a tracciare il pacco che non sapevo dove era. Spedizione velocissima”

- Davide

“Extreem fast replacement x carriage. I hope they fill up there Europe store a bit more so i can buy more from that place.”

- Jeroen

“I received this CNC as a gift from my son, Brian, and my wife, Donna. I have to admit the learning curve was more than I anticipated but I'm getting the hang of it and having a lot of fun. The FB group have been a great help and the Sain Smart customer service is fantastic. I have to admit, right out of the box (my son assembled it for me to save me some time) I was able to do a few simple projects. I'm the type that likes to explore all the features and there are several. I've already added the laser module, (thank you Brian). Great machine for the hobbyist with lots of additional capabilities to explore."

- Robert



If you have rich experience in open-source hardware, 3D printing, and CNC engraving. We sincerely invite you to join our community and share your works and stories behind the projects with SainSmart Makers.

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SAINSMART'S 10TH Anniversary

The last 10 years have been an incredible experience, which is why

we came at this from all angles. We can only say thank you to the

unfathomable amount of people that have made SainSmart possible,

and cheers to the next 10 years!