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PROVerXL 4030 V2 Desktop CNC Router with Carveco Maker Subscription

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It is a versatile and affordable tool with precision and improved features, including a closed-loop motor and ball screw, to bring your creative ideas to life. Running speed up to 8000mm/min.
PROVerXL 4030V2
Looking for a versatile and affordable CNC router machine? Whether you are new to the hobby or want to increase your workshops capabilities the all new Genmitsu PROVerXL 4030 V2, now with upgraded features that take precision, versatility, and affordability to a whole new level!
With a running speed of up to 5000 mm/min, the Genmitsu PROVerXL 4030 V2 CNC Router Machine allows you to complete your projects faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Upgraded Closed-Loop Motors and Ball Screws

Say goodbye to step loss and enjoy lower noise levels with the new closed-loop motor, and enjoy increased precision and accuracy with the 1204 ball screw. The improved Z-axis structure provides added stability, while the added eccentric nut adjustment for the roller offers greater flexibility and control over the machine's movement.


  • Closed-loop motor for lowering noise, improved precision and accuracy
  • 1204 ball screw for precise cutting and carving
  • Limit/home switches and tool setting interface for easy operation
  • Improved Z-axis structure for added stability
  • Drag chain installation position for neat and organized wiring

Wide Range of Materials

The T-slot hybrid table can help holding materials during CNC machining or laser engraving. Cut and carve an irregularly shaped or size of a variety of materials such as wood, plastics, and soft metals, and enjoy a working area of 400mm x 300mm x 110mm, making it suitable for small to medium-sized projects.


  • Hybrid table is made of durable materials and is designed to withstand the stresses of CNC machining and laser engraving
  • Ability to cut and carve a variety of materials such as wood, plastics, and soft metals
  • Working area of 400mm x 300mm x 110mm, suitable for small to medium-sized projects

GRBL-Based Control Box and Improved Chassis Design

Operate the machine with ease via USB interface using software such as Candle or Universal Gcode Sender thanks to the GRBL-based control board. The sturdy and improved chassis design ensures long-lasting and reliable performance with minimal maintenance requirements.


  • GRBL-based control board for easy operation via USB interface
  • Sturdy and improved chassis design for long-lasting and reliable performance
  • Eccentric nut adjustment for greater flexibility and control

Start Making Today!

With precision, versatility, and affordability at its core, the Genmitsu PROVerXL 4030 V2 CNC router machine is the perfect tool for hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts, and small business owners alike. Upgrade your machine today and start bringing your ideas to life with ease and precision!



Model PROVerXL 4030
PROVerXL 4030
PROVerXL 4030 V2 CNC
PROVerXL 4030 V2

PROVerXL 6050 Plus

Working Area 400 x 300 x 110 mm 400 x 300 x 110 mm 600 x 500 x 115 mm
  15.8 x 11.8 x 4.3 inches 15.8 x 11.8 x 4.3 inches 23.6 x 19.7 x 4.5 inches
Overall Dimensions 776 x 641 x 580 mm 742 x 489 x 605 mm 992 x 782 x 641 mm
  30.6 x 25.2 x 22.8 inches 29.2 x 23.8 x 19.3 inches 39.1 x 30.7 x 25.2 inches
Assembly Time 30-45 min 25-30 min 25-30 min
Extension Kit 6060 & 1010 Extension Kit 6060 & 1313 Extension Kit Coming Soon
X, Y, Z Axis Stepper Motor NEMA23 57mm, Open-loop NEMA23 76mm, Closed-loop NEMA23 3.1N-100mm, Open-loop
Optional Upgraded Stepper Motor DM542 NEMA23 112mm Stepper Motor Set
Closed-Loop Stepper Motor
/ /
Drive System Leadscrew 1204 Ballscrew Dual Linear Rails & Single Y-axis
Frame & Structure Metal Frame & MDF Spoilboard Metal Frame & Hybrid Spoilboard Metal Frame & Hybrid Spoilboard

Control Board Compatibility GRBL 1.1h GRBL 1.1h GRBL 1.1h
Max Speed 2000 mm/min 5000 mm/min 2000 mm/min
Running Accuracy ≤ ±0.10 mm Circular: ≤ ±0.05 mm; Rectangle: ≤ ±0.02 mm ≤ ±0.05 mm
Repositioning Accuracy ≤ ±0.10 mm ≤ ±0.05 mm ≤ ±0.05 mm
Stepper Driver TB6560 WSD6056DN56 TB6560
Spindle Rating 300W 12000 RPM MAX 400W 10000 RPM 300W 12000 RPM
Spindle Voltage DC, 0-48V DC, 0-48V DC, 0-48V
Power Supply 48V 7A & 24V 8A 48V 7A & 24V 8A 48V 7A & 24V 8A
CAM Software GRBL Firmware, e.g. UGS, Candle GRBL Firmware, e.g. UGS, Candle GRBL Firmware, e.g. UGS, Candle

What's in the box


  • 1x X Axis
  • 1x X Axis Motor
  • 1x XZ Axis & Spindle & Motor
  • 1x XY-Axis Base with Motors
  • 1x Coupler
  • 2x Dust baffles
  • 2x Drag Chain & Mounts
  • 1x Collet
  • 2x Milling bits 10pcs (Flat engraving, slot drills)
  • 4x Clamps
  • 1x Z-probe
  • 1x USB drive
  • 1x Fuse tube
  • 1x Tools box with screws & wrenches
  • 1x User Manual


  • Quick Start Guide Resource Page Click to learn software guide, user manual, and assembly guide.

  • Will it work with the PROVerXL 4030 CNC Router Expansion Kit?
    • No, the expansion parts 6060/1010 are not available because of the modified ball screw and motor design. However, we are also preparing to launch the 4030V2 expansion parts, please sign up for newsletter to avoid missing any latest news.

  • Why should I adjust the Y-axis position?
    • It‘s a maintenance action. In order to use the machine with optimum accuracy, we recommend that you make adjustments at the beginning of the installation as shown in the user manual.

  • What's the parameter of the milling bits?
    • 20 Milling Bits:

      10 from the C08 Set (0.8-3.0mm) 

      • 10 x Nano Blue Coat End Mill CNC Router Bits, Shank Diameter: 3.175mm
      • (Different cutting edge diameter: 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.4mm, 1.6mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm, 2.2mm, 2.4mm, 3.0mm)

      10 from the 70V30 Set

      • 10 x V-Shaped Nano Blue Coat Engraving Bits
      • Cutting Angle: 30 Degree
      • Shank Diameter: 3.175mm

  • Carveco Maker software compatibility notice:
    • Please note that while the machine is compatible with both Windows and macOS, the Carveco Maker software subscription service only supports the Windows operating system.
      If you are using macOS, please ensure that you can run a Windows environment through virtual machine software or other solutions before making a purchase, to ensure seamless use of the PROVerXL 4030 V2 CNC milling machine. Please contact us for more details.