Brand: Genmitsu SKU: 101-63-XL43-DM542

DM542 Stepper Motor Set Nema23 112mm for PROVerXL 4030V1

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  • New Upgrade Part: Experience the PROVerXL 4030 V1 on a whole new level with our redesigned control box and four robust Nema 23 112mm Stepper Motors. This upgrade is designed to unlock the full potential of your machine.
  • Superior Holding Torque: The DM542 stepper motor, with a holding torque of 32KG·cm, offers a 60% increase over the original stepper motor. This enhancement provides greater force retention, crucial for applications requiring high torque.
  • Precision Refined: With a 33.3% higher positioning torque than the original stepper motor, the DM542 stepper motor delivers precise movements. This is particularly beneficial for precision applications such as CNC or laser engraving. Coupled with a larger stepper motor subdivision, your creative possibilities are limitless.
  • Built to Last: The DM542 stepper motor features a phase resistance of 0.95Ω±0.1(20°C), reducing power consumption and heat generation, thereby enhancing the motor’s lifespan and reliability.
  • Effortless Installation: Our user-friendly design ensures a smooth setup process. The kit is designed for easy replacement, eliminating the need for complex modifications. It’s a plug-and-play upgrade that saves you time and effort.
Genmitsu DM542 Stepper Motor Set Nema 23 112mm for PORVer XL 4030 V1

Reinforce your PROVerXL 4030 V1 to meet your advanced needs! This upgrade is not just an addition, but a significant enhancement that prepares your machine for more complex and demanding tasks.

This kit is specially designed according to the 4030 holes, ensuring a perfect fit and easy changeover. It’s a tailor-made upgrade that integrates seamlessly with your machine.

The kit comes with a matching controller box equipped with a new driver. This ensures the smooth and efficient operation of your machine, providing you with a hassle-free and enjoyable CNC experience.

  Original Stepper Motor of PROVerXL 4030 V1 DM542 Nema 23 112mm Stepper Motor
Step Angle 1.8 ° ±5% 1.8 ° ±5%
Phase 2 Phase 2 Phase
Rated Voltage 2.4V 4.275V
Rated Current 4.0A 4.5A
Holding Torque 20KG ·cm 32KG ·cm
Positioning Torque 600g ·cm 800g ·cm
Phase Resistance 0.6Ω±0.1(20℃) 0.95Ω±0.1(20℃)
Phase Inductance 2.1mH±20%(1kHz 1V RMS) 5.0mH±20%(1kHz 1V RMS)
Electrical Strength AC 500V/1min/5mA Max. AC 500V/1min/5mA Max.
Rotor Inertia 480 g-cm² 9300 g-cm²

Package List

  • 1 x DM542 Control Box
  • 4 x Nema23 112mm Stepper Motor
  • 2 x M4*12 Socket Head Cap Screws
  • 2 x M5*50 Socket Head Cap Screws
  • 2 x M5*55 Socket Head Cap Screws
  • 1 x Hex Key Set [2, 2.5, 3, 4mm]