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SainSmart InstaBots

9/10/14 8:10 PM

Robotics and Arduino are two peas in a pod, but for many of us they seem like difficult concepts to grasp. The truth of the matter is that you can make a robot or Arduino project as sophisticated as you can imagine, but these projects should also be fun and come from a simple start. This is the thinking behind the SainSmart InstaBots product line.

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Hey SainSmart fans. Busy week here at our office, we just recently completed moving warehouses which turned up all sorts of fun items in the process. Not least of which was a box of Rubik's cubes. Could we sell them? Sure. Could we solve them? Maybe. What we are going to do instead though is give them away to you, our loyal supporters.

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Win a Free SIGLENT Oscilloscope or Generator! Your choice. Simply Write a Product Review!

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