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eVacuum Sealed Bags Filament Storage Kit, for 1 Spool & 2 Spools

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Comprehensive Vacuum Storage Kit: The state of the filament you use is the key to the quality of your prints, the eVacuum 3D Printer Filament Storage Kit allows you to keep your filaments in tip-top shape with ease.

Protects from Moisture: Durable vacuum compression bags, heavy-duty valve, and double seal zipper for airtight protection.

Easy Monitoring: Clear vacuum bags, together with cobalt-free humidity indicator cards enables you to have a quick view of the humidity level of your filaments without opening the bags.

The humidity indicator cards can be reused after drying with an oven or hair dryer.

Bag Size: 30cm × 40cm (11.81" × 15.75"); 40cm×40cm (15.75”×15.75”); It can be adapted to 0.5KG/0.75KG/1KG package of 1.75mm/2.85mm/3mm filaments.

Ship to
15.75"×11.81"(1 spool)

Microporous Vacuum Bag

A micro-porous vacuum bag enables maximum air removal. Keeps your filaments against moisture and dirt.

Double Seal Zipper

Reinforced double zipper ensures an airtight seal; Reusable and resealable for frequent filament changes.

Self-sealing Valve

Self-sealing for easy operation, this heavy-duty valve allows for ultimate air and ultimate air suction and to secure ultimate sealed storage.


Reusable Humidity Indicator Cards

Environmentally friendly cobalt-free humidity indicator card, indicating range 10%~60%.

When the humidity in the environment around the humidity indicator card rises to a certain value, the corresponding indicator point on the indicator card will change from brown to light blue.

When the indicator point becomes gray (between brown and light blue), the value in the indicator point is the current ambient humidity.

  • Cobalt-free
  • Indication Range: 10% - 60%
  • When humidity levels rise above the indicated RH, the indicating spot will change color from brown to azure. If the humidity level rises above 50%, It is recommended to change the desiccants.
  • The humidity indicator cards can be reused after drying with an oven or hairdryer.
Package List
  • Hand Pump × 1
  • Vacuum Bag × 10
  • Sealing Clip × 2
  • Desiccant × 15
  • Humidity Indicator Card × 15


 Possible reason


The vacuum bag cannot be vacuumed or air leakage occurs after vacuum

The bag is not completely sealed

Open the zipper of the bag and reseal the zipper with the sealing clip to ensure that the zipper is completely closed

The air valve is not placed on a flat surface when pumping air

Re-lay the bag air valve

The suction port of the hand pump is not in full contact with the air valve

Make sure that the suction port is placed flat above the air valve with proper pressure

Excessive pressure on the air valve from the suction port

Adjust the pressing force of the hand pump

The air valve is not completely closed

Press the air valve with your fingers after vacuuming

The vacuum bag is damaged

Replace the vacuum bag

Slow pumping

Manual pumping is slow

You can squeeze out a part of the air before pumping,the electric pumping device will be introduced later

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ed a.
United States United States
good product

performs as advertised.

United States
A must have for printer filament.

This works amazing for sealing filament. Just a note, it works best if you place on the floor or other hard surface to vacuum out air.

United States
Works well

Forms a good seal and is quick and easy to pump air out of the bag.

Mark J.
United States
Great Product

Great Product

United States
Great for storage.

They work great for storing filiment and have a one way valve for removing the air that looks like it's just a sticker but holds the vaccum just fine.Almost all filiment is hydroscopic so if you 3d print and don't have a dry cabinet/room you should grab a box of these.

United States
Works great

Works very good once I moved to a table(flat solid object to place bag on). Seals filament up great, like when it arrives form factory. Have sealed 4 bags so far.

United States
Good quality.

Bags and pump seem of good quality. An inexpensive solution to protect my pla filament.

Felipe E.
United States
Works great, but should have included a vacuum attachment!

Just got this and have only used 4 bags. So far 1 bag does not hold vacuum and the other 3 have been great. One complaint would be that they should supply a vacuum adapter so your not killing yourself removing the air with the manual pump. I swap filament often so manually using pump is tiresome. Otherwise it��s been great!

United States
great item

work great and as described

United States
Great solution for multiple spools of filament

The bags are easy to use but require the use of a separate closing tool (included). This is a good solution for me because I have several partial spools of filament. For me it takes about 30 seconds to **** the air out of the bag. The seal holds well. Even after a couple of weeks I don��t notice any air leaking.