eVacuum Sealed Bags Filament Storage Kit

Brand: SainSmart SKU: 101-91F-400-03 SKU: 101-91F-400-03 Variants ID: 32804710809679

Comprehensive Vacuum Storage Kit: The state of the filament you use is the key to the quality of your prints, the eVacuum 3D Printer Filament Storage Kit allows you to keep your filaments in tip-top shape with ease.

Protects from Moisture: Durable vacuum compression bags, heavy-duty valve, and double seal zipper for airtight protection.

Easy Monitoring: Clear vacuum bags, together with cobalt-free humidity indicator cards enables you to have a quick view of the humidity level of your filaments without opening the bags.

The humidity indicator cards can be reused after drying with an oven or hair dryer.


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Microporous Vacuum Bag

A micro-porous vacuum bag enables maximum air removal. Keeps your filaments against moisture and dirt.

Double Seal Zipper

Reinforced double zipper ensures an airtight seal; Reusable and resealable for frequent filament changes.

Self-sealing Valve

Self-sealing for easy operation, this heavy-duty valve allows for ultimate air and ultimate air suction and to secure ultimate sealed storage.


Reusable Humidity Indicator Cards
  • Cobalt-free
  • Indication Range: 10% - 60%
  • When humidity levels rise above the indicated RH, the indicating spot will change color from brown to azure. If the humidity level rises above 50%, It is recommended to change the desiccants.
  • The humidity indicator cards can be reused after drying with an oven or hairdryer.
Package List
  • Hand Pump × 1
  • Vacuum Bag × 10
  • Sealing Clip × 2
  • Desiccant × 15
  • Humidity Indicator Card × 15