Brand: SainSmart SKU: 101-91F-PRF

3PCS Pictor Film Release Films 286×198×0.3mm, High Transmittance, Support High-Speed Printing, for HALOT-MAGE & Other 10 inches Resin 3D Printers

SKU: 101-91F-PRF Variants ID: 40761843187791
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  • Low Release Force: Supporting high-speed printing, Pictor film has a 35% lower release force compared to FEP release film, making it easier to separate the model.
  • Stable Release Force: The release film has a uniform coating and smooth surface, with stable release force and good resin release performance. It can be used repeatedly.
  • Good Flexibility: Its excellent ductility allows it to stretch up to 300%. This material can even be bent up to 10,000 times without losing its shape thanks to its impressive flexibility.
  • High Transmittance: The release film has a high transmittance, with a UV transmittance of over 92%. This enhances the accuracy and perfection of printed products.
  • Compatible: With the size 286×198×0.3mm, it can be seamlessly integrated with HALOT-MAGE PRO, HALOT-MAGE and other 10-inch resin 3D printers, allowing you to enjoy our product's advanced features on a variety of devices.


Low Release Force

Compared to FEP release film, the release force is greatly reduced by 35%. This makes it super easy to separate and also supports high-speed printing.


Stable Release Force

The release film has a uniform coating, smooth surface, stable release force, and good resin release performance. It can also be used repeatedly.


Good Flexibility

The material has excellent ductility, up to 300%, and good flexibility, allowing it to be bent 10,000 times.


High Transmittance

The release film has high transmittance, with UV transmittance over 92%, making printed products more accurate and perfect.



  • Dynamic friction coefficient: 0.2
  • Static friction coefficient: 0.04
  • Water contact angle: 114
  • Melting point: 310°C
  • Long-term working temperature: 260°C
  • Flame retardant: 94V0