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Creality CR-Scan Ferret 3D Scanner

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  • CrealityScan Window v1.0.12 alpha & macOS version are out now. Better scanning experience for small figures and Improving capture and stability.
  • Creality Scan APP is available for download on Google Play Store now.
  • High quality at an affordable price
  • Compact design with a light weight of only 105g (0.23lb)
  • Dual-mode scanning including wide-range scanning and a high-accuracy mode
  • Up to 30fps for smoother and faster scanning with less workload and low power consumption
  • Full-Color scanning, reflects the real world in a real way
  • Working well even in bright sunlight
  • Low power consumption and can be powered with a 5V power bank, or even your Android phone.

Great works come from inspiration, not sweat

Stop sweating in repeated failed scans. CR-Scan Ferret can got it in one.

High frame rate 30fps

Got it in one and fast. Using a dedicated ASIC chip to ensure a scan frame rate of up to 30fps, quickly obtain 3D point cloud data, greatly improve the scanning fluency, and make the scanning process simple and fast.

Got it in one and colorful

Built-in high resolution color camera captures full-color textures for 3D models, shows the original color of the object, and brings unparalleled scanning results.

Got it in one and real

Engineered with advanced structured light technology and intelligent algorithm, Ferret has higher environmental adaptability and maintains excellent performance even in bright sunlight.

Small body, big difference

Only weighs 105 grams, almost equivalent to one-third the weight of a canned coke. You can slip it into your pocket or backpack. Just unleash your inspiration anytime, anywhere.

Support for mobile phone and PC use.

Support for mobile phone and PC use.

Dual mode scanning

High-accuracy mode and Wide-range scanning mode can be switched based on actual needs.

Flexible charging, enjoyable scanning

Compatible with mobile phone power supply. Flexible charging method, easy to carry.Start scanning at any time.

Technology changes lives

Making powerful scanning systems smaller, making efficient functions more powerful, while becoming simpler and easier to use.


  • Product Name: CR-Scan Ferret
  • Accuracy: 0.1mm
  • Resolution/Point Distance: 0.16mm
  • Single capture range: 560*820mm@700mm
  • Working Distance: 150~700mm
  • Minimum Scanning: 50*50*50mm
  • Frame Rate/Scan Speed: up to 30 fps
  • Light Source: NIR
  • Outdoor Scanning: Support Scanning in Bright Sunlight
  • Tracking Mode: Visual Tracking
  • Color Texture: Support
  • Alignment: feature/marker/color
  • Output Format: OBJ / STL / PLY
  • Machine Weight: 105g
  • Machine Size: 120*30*26mm
  • Compatible System: Android / Win 10/11 (64-bit)
  • Connection: USB 3.0/2.0

What’s in the box?


    No. It has built-in high resolution color camera.

    It will not be compatible until June 2023. Currently, it works with Windows 10(64 bit)/ Windows 11(64 bit) /Android 11 and above.

    • PC Requirements:
      • Windows 10/11, 64-bit
      • CPU: i5 8th gen or higher
      • RAM: 8G and above
      • Data transmission: USB 3.0
    • Phone Requirements:
      • Android 11/12/13
      • RAM:8G and above
      • Data transmission: USB 3.0 (not support Harmony OS);
      • We listed some compatible models(RAM >8G):
      • Samsung: S21; S21FE; S21 +; S21 Ultra; S22; S22+ ; S22Ultra; S23; S23+; S23 Ultra;
      • GOOGLE: Pixel 7 Pro; Pixel 7; Pixel 6 Pro; Pixel 6; Pixel 5
      • MOTO: Razr 2; Edge 30 fusion; Edge +
      • ONE PLUS: 10 pro
      • OPPO: find X6 PRO, Find X5 Pro
      • NUBIA: redmagic 8 Pro; redmagic 8 Pro+
      • VIVO: X90 pro+; X90 pro; X80 pro
      • Honor: Magic 5 Pro; Magic Vs; Magic 4 Pro; Magic 4

    Creality CR-Scan Ferret is ideal for medium and large sized object scanning. lf you are new to 3D scanning, please try some objects which are easy to be scanned.
    ✅ Recommended: Human faces, Human bodies, Sculpture, Carving, etc
    Scanning objects that's too large or too small could be challenging. lt may require more practice, patience and technique.
    ❎ Not suitable:
    Transparent, reflective, through-holes, very thin.
    Nonstationary object: eg. moving animal. 

    Oversized objects such as wall, rooms, etc. and ultra small object such as keys, coins scissors, gears, jewelleries or tiny electronic components, etc. 

    It is recommended to use scanning spray for high transparency and reflective object.3D Scanning Spray that produces a matte finish will improve the likelihood of the scanner recognizing the object. 

    For Flat or regular solid color object, marking stickers or hand drawn markers randomly improve the visual tracking ability under texture mode.

    Yes, you can use the battery handle to power the scanner when connecting to your Android phone. The scanner is of low power consumption.

    Geometry mode: for the objects with rich geometry (statues, carvings, etc.). Texture mode: for the objects with vivid irregular graphical pattern. Texture Objects with rich geometries and texture: Geometry mode recommended.
    Objects WITHOUT rich geometries(including flat and regular shape) NOR rich texture: you can put markers or hand drawn markers randomly on the object before scanning mode: for the objects with vivid irregular graphical pattern.

    Backtrack to the previous scanned area and hold for a few second to resume tracking. Try enable ‘Exclude Base’ at the bottom left corner(windows) or bottom right corner(android) while scanning.

    To scan another side, pause to change gesture and continue scanning. Try to put the object on a manual swivel turntable or a lazy susan(not included). Rotate it slowly while scanning. Or you can select ‘fill holes’ before processing.