DC 5V High Low Temperature Thermal Sensor Relay Module for Arduino DIY

brand: SainSmart SKU: 101-30-306

Temperature detection via potentiometer adjustment to a valve to control the corresponding temperature with relay output, directly connected to the AC high-power products.

  • Automatic control temperature below the temperature start, or higher than the temperature start, select normally open output termination is higher than the set temperature starts, then the normally closed below the set temperature starts;
  • The comparator output to directly drive relays, 220V AC or other devices can be connected;
  • Adjust the temperature distribution bit;
  • The sensor interface can be installed pin plus thermal sensor with leads;
  • Dimensions: 50x26mm, thickness 19mm, has four 3mm mounting holes for easy installation.
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  • Supply voltage: 5VDC
  • Current: greater than 150mA
  • Load: 250V 10A AC or 30V 10A DC
  • thermistor module on the ambient temperature the most sensitive, are generally used to detect the temperature of the surrounding environment, and replacement of the waterproof type thermal sensor can detect water temperature.
  • the module when the ambient temperature exceeds the threshold value is set, the relay energized, the common terminal and the normally start turned, when the outside ambient temperature is less than the set threshold value, the relay is switched off, the common terminal and the normally closed end turned on;
  • the public side, normally open, normally closed three ports, the equivalent of a dual-control switch, relay coil power, public end and often the beginning of conduction, radio, public end normally closed terminal conduction;
  • 1x DC 5V High Low Temperature Thermal Sensor Relay Module